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Friday, August 28, 2009

I will not be able to blog frequently 'coz I'm gonna have to study.. Yes, I am 3 months here in Japan so now, I need to learn how to communicate with them chinks and study their stuff or whatever.. So I'ma have to stop computer-in always 'coz I may forgot what I've studied and trust me I'm very good at forgetting stuff even my birthday sometimes. I will not be able to communicate with my friends often now because they're (my family) are now being very strict about my Japanese lessons. Hmmm..

Okay so what is up.. With ME! Hmmm.. There we're birthday celebrations, on August 19 and me and my stepbro are becoming kinda' tight now. (=^_____^=) And.. The matsuri! How can I forget?! On August 23 there is this matsuri here in Iwatsuki which means a summer festival here in Japan. Girls can wear yukata or jinbe in this festival and boys can wear jinbe aswell.. It's loads of fun! I mean, food, games, yanki's, yakuza's! Hahaha!!! Well, I had a blast and it's my first matsuri here in Japan, I get to wear a yukata which made me really uncomfortable so me and ate rolane ~ she's like my bestfriend and sister here in Japan, wore jinbe's instead and it was so comfortable and it was so easy to move with it.. So, next matsuri I think I'm gonna stick with jinbe! Hahaha!


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