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Sunday, May 27, 2012

And my thoughts about 'Christians' and the 'illuminati'.....
First of, Hisashiburi minna! Omg.. it's been a while since I did a post and I'm really happy that still, some of you guys have been reading my posts. I've read your comments but I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply..... I wanted to be more active but lately, I was so uninspired.. but today this post will be long and will be sorta interesting so.. let's go!
On the 13th of May, I went to Lady Gaga's concert, THE BORN THIS WAY BALL! And Omg! So far, it was the most awesome concert I've been to! (Not like I've been to a lot of concerts but..) She is an awesome performer! Her voice is great live, the costumes, the dancers, the effects, the lights! Everything was awesome! And I love all her fans who're there! Although I can't just judge how nice of 'em were that fast because of one nice gesture still, despite their crazy yet fashionable get up that at first glance you may get intimidated and you may think.. 'Oh this girl is probably gonna snob us if we ask her to take a picture with us..' but, NO! They were really nice and not snobby! So me and my friend were really happy that night.. yeah.. here are ze pictures!
One thing about Lady Gaga I don't understand is this.. So, while she's on stage, she's singing and all and someone threw a present at her but she threw it back to the crowd.. I still love her though but still, it was a present! Was it that hard to not accept? And then there's this one person near the stage who handed out a bouquet of flowers to her, she picked it up and said thanks but threw it at the crowd again onto a different person. I don't get it? Hmm.. BUT I STILL LOVE HER!!!
And that ends my concert experience.. let's head onto a different topic related to the concert, Lady Gaga and Christians.
I'm not very used to voicing out my own opinions 'coz I'm scared of the possible criticism I might get after and as much as possible I would always try to be right in the middle of any argument buuut this time, I'm afraid I'm going to side with Lady Gaga right here.
Right after Gaga's concert I've read numerous posts on facebook about Lady Gaga coming to the Philippines! My hometown yay! And then.. I've read some posts about how filipino Christians were 'protesting' on Lady Gaga's upcoming concert. I didn't get to screenshot the posts 'coz it was a just a random post I saw on my news feed but yeah.. it was really irritating like seriously! They are all being very sensitive! Like, why not allow Lady Gaga perform her fabulous concert in the Philippines?! It's not like her music is going to take over your Christianity!!! They claim that Lady Gaga is disrespecting 'God' and Lady Gaga loves Judas and how can she love someone so evil like Judas! Urgh.. REALLY GUYS! REALLY!!!
I'm not againts Christians.. I am Christian. Well, I guess I used to be 'coz now, I just do not believe. I just don't believe in Christian beliefs anymore. Don't get me wrong. In my opinion, I know there is a creator and I know someone or something created everything and started it all and this person or thing may be called God. But I do think that this person or thing that we can't even see don't need the attention or to be worshipped at all. To me, I think praying does nothing but gives you a bit of hope that something good will come but in the end we'll never know. This God said he loved everyone even the evil. But they said when you die, your soul will be judged and if you're evil, you're going to hell! And if you're a good person.. you're going with him in Heaven. <~~ This is one of the reasons why I don't believe in the Christian ways, the bible and any other religion anymore. I got a lot more to say but right now while typing this my head is hurting. But, this is my opinion. To me, as long as you're happy, you're not harming people.. Christian or not you're good. That's it!

About Lady Gaga and filipino Christians bashing her. I get that they're so upset 'coz Lady Gaga is singing about Jesus, Judas and Bloody Mary and all bible related stuff. But that doesn't make her EVIL! If you actually get the message of Judas y'know.. it's NOT EVIL! OR DEMONIC! So as Bloody Mary! Although I still don't get the message of the song 'coz I can't listen to it everyday 'coz I thought her scary voice there is really scary but it's a great song! So yeah.. pshh.. She can't be a demon 'coz she's pretty lol. And I think all of the people who think that she worships satan is just overreacting and making a big fuss about the littlest details she does in her videos. And I don't get how these Christ believers know so much about the devil I mean, don't you think that's kinda suspicious too? loljk. I'm just kidding! and I also think that satan doesn't exist. So, I'm not a satan worshipper you guys.. just so you know! And an illuminati..
Oh and about the illuminati.. I read that Lady Gaga admits that she's part of this cult or whatever? Which I think is a fake illuminati cult 'coz this is what I think of the illuminati.. yes it's a kingsley video! Enjoy the end of my post.

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  1. I love Lady Gaga, I know there's a lot of controversy over her but she's original and her songs are good even if she's a tad crazy ;) I have yet to go to one of her concerts but it's on my to do list!

    1. Well hello fellow monster! She's fearless! Yes!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Omg! You should! It was awesome!!! And exciting and really cool and not boring..... You'd really enjoy it!!!

  2. I love Gaga! So lucky Erika-chan! I wish I was there! I love here fierceness & personality. <3 I can tell you enjoyed it ^^

  3. lady gaga is cool :3 the show looks wonderful

  4. wow, lucky you, love gaga,she is freakz monster and i love that :D must be awesome, and very cute photos ^^



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