RevitaLash: Real or Fake?!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Like the new theme??? Good. 'Coz I worked hard on that! (TT^TT ) I wasted half of my day fixing it! Now my butt is all sore! ( TT~TT) But anyway, that's not why I'm here today! I wanna ask you guys if ever you have used an eyelash conditioner or something to make your eyelash grow longer and thicker.. You see, my friend recommended me to use RevitaLash and instead of buying it from the actual website.. I ended up buying it on Amazon. (WAYYY CHEAPER IN AMAZON LOLOLOL) I bought it from a user who is based on America.. oh okay, so I'm not really sure if he/she's based there but he/she sells imported stuff and when you receive the package it says it's from LA.

It was sealed properly, and it really did came from the states so I find nothing suspicious about this! (^v^ )b
Yup! It looks pretty legit!
And here's the instrustions on how to apply it.. hmmmmm.. The instructions are kinda unconfident about the product when in the actual site it says it's America's number 1 cosmetic eyelash conditioner!!! Anyway, fake or not.. I think THIS product still works! I read a forum (here's the link) where most of the people there bought it from amazon and eBay instead of the actual site. Yet, they found promising results so I gave it a try! Hopefully it works on me! I'm on my third day using it! (^v^ )b
I already took a pic of my eyelash after beginning to use Revitalash. If I see results within a month then fake or not, it works! But if not, I'll make sure you guys know! (^v~ )b So I was wonderin' if some of you guys might have used the fake or real one? Did it work on you? Let me know too! Toodlez!

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  1. I used to use something similar but a diff brand, I guess it worked but I wasn't really recording the progress haha x(

  2. I wanted to try something like that before but instead I just bought a regular mascara lol
    Cant wait to see if it works on you!! =)
    xo ♥

  3. Before you buy any type of growth serum, see to it that you have some facts about it or better yet, consult a dermatologist regarding your prospect product so that there will be lesser risks of you experiencing side effects following the use of the product.

    Aliya Smith

    1. Thank you!
      Actually, the friend that recommended me to use the product is also using it as well. She is no dermatologist but I know she does have knowledge towards these type of things 'coz she's currently taking a medical course so I trust her (^v^ ) I know there may be risks especially to other people that's why I posted a picture of the instructions. It includes some kind of warning and people with stuff listed above aren't recommended to use the product. (~v^ )b

  4. Hi! After carefully inspecting your photos I can say with absolute confidence that the product is 100% real and authentic. My husband is a physician and I met the Revitalash reps at a medical convention. With my husbands approval of the product I started using the lash growing serum - I'm Asian and my lashes are very fine, short and straight. The results have been fantastic! I'll be very clear and honest - I have been using the serum for over 2 years and like anything, for best results it requires a vigilant daily commitment. I only use it once a day - at night when I sleep and have no other makeup on my eyes. They say use twice daily but I do not think it is necessary. Stick with it - in about 3 weeks you'll really see results! Enjoy :))

  5. Can't wait to see if it works or not :D
    I've used this kind of thing before and it usually takes a few weeks for results to show



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