My new hair colour

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

< again, this was on my tumblr and decided to post it here aswell just so I could update はーと >

はーと Isn't it pretty? Yeah.. Tsubasa and the colour! はーと

This hair colour is amazing and it's awa which means bubbles! It's a bubble dye! lololol. Okay, I don't know what to call it really.. but it's kinda like a shampoo except it's not a shampoo because it's a hair dye, and bubble hair dyes (LOL) are really cool because it's easy to apply (like, super duper easy) and, it smells good compared to your everyday boring bubble-less hair dye and even though it's shampoo-ey it's really pigmented?! (again, Idk how you say it when it comes to hair) Like, the colour is pretty vibrant and it colors the hair evenly especially the roots! はーと

< before and after pictures when I had raspberry brown (kinda reddish) hair and now a chocolate brown hair >

ushikun before // after ushikun

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