The Tsunami Experience (2011 Japan)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(This was on my tumblr but decided to put it here too just so I could update this.)

< aaand to be clear.. I live in Saitama-ken which is was pretty far from the cities that were hit by the tsunami.. but, we were also affected despite the fact that the earthquake shook the whole Japan. >

What a tragic, tragic.. tragedy.. that happened in Japan.. and right now as I’m typing, still.. the ground is still shaking! And btw, a good thing about Japan is that even though there’s this calamity going on.. I can still manage to get good internet connection.. and I can still use my phone! How about that! Hehehe.. K so nuff said, I’m gon type my experience throughout this calamity!

So I was at work.. it’s at this Love Hotel (K, so a love hotel is very different compared to a motel, a love hotel is where lovers do and where men usually bring there affairs with.. okay, so it’s common for affairs.) and it was our Kyuke (breaktime) and I bought me some Café au lait then when I was about to sit down.. it started shaking.. and me and Tomita san were kinda laughing like.. ‘ohh it’s shaking, look’ then it started shaking a bit harder and I suggested that we both should go under the table.. then, it started shaking even harder that everything was just falling and it was so scary that.. I felt like, I was gonna die in that building.. since the shaking was so hard.. since we were at the 2nd floor I thought the building was going to collapse.. then, yeah it was shaking so hard and it felt like it’s not gonna stop.. Tomita san couldn’t herself anymore so she held onto the fridge.. then onto this gas tank and then I ran towards her and helped her with the gas tank ‘coz I to don’t want the gas tank to end up falling.. ‘coz we might’ve exploded! K, so it was shaking even harder that Shimizu san (Or what I call banana man) started screaming and then it was shaking and shaking and like.. when will this end?!?

So when it ended.. it was still shaking but just a bit and then all of the customers ran.. and Shimizu san was panicking and I wanted to panic but I figured if I did.. I wouldn’t be much of a help.. so all the customers left.. then we ended up checking all the rooms, Techo’s office was a mess, the storage room, omg.. huge mess! The kitchen, was like, oil everywhere! It was so messy.. good thing the other rooms aren’t.

Then it started shaking so hard again that we had to just go outside.. and I thought I left my phone back home so I was just like.. doing nothing.. and when we went back inside we watched the news and omg.. I was like, what happened?! Then, about an hour Shimizu san said I could go home already.. so while I was heading my way home I didn’t felt any shaking I was just.. going with my bike.. but it’s kinda disturbing to see.. the streets cracked then some broken pipes.. it was like, wow.. then, I went back home, and I decided to buy me some hair colour (good thing Yaoko didn’t closed) then, ended up colouring my hair ‘coz I was worried that shops might end up closed tmr.. and I don’t want that to happen.. omg.

Then, I posted a status on facebook saying, ‘Sometimes, when calamities happen, I can’t help but wonder.. what is God doing?? Is He trying to prevent it from becoming even worst?! Hmmmmm…..’

Yeah.. What is God really doing when things like this happen.. I can’t help but wonder, or is there any God?

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