Henshin! Milk tea brown hair ~ じーじ

Friday, May 27, 2011

My blonde hair didn't even last a month! And now I changed it into brown! I figured that blonde/orange-gy hair is not my style and that brown and black suits me better! Plus, since my style is more of a cute but otona poi style ~ my new hair color suits my style quite well!

So now, I give you pictures of my new hair color! It's in milk tea brown btw! Oh yeah.. let me show you guys first what product I used to achieve my new hair ~

I used Palty Awa Paku for my hair ~ and trust me you guys! This stuff is awesome! It colors the hair evenly and it's so easy to apply compared to your usual hair coloring treatment. Plus, it smells nice! It's smell is not as strong as your usual.. boring, bubble-less hair coloring treatment! And wait, there's more! lololol It leaves your hair shiny.. it doesn't dry your hair! Promise! So I'll give this product an A!!! And yeah.. I've been using Palty ever since and Palty hair coloring products are always awesome!

It comes with these items! And a big 'ol cup! I used it to stock my pencils and pens! Ehehehe ~

This is the mixer.. it mixes the product. (lololol I talk to you guys like you guys are noobs! Sorreh!)

And of course! The pictures you guys ~ 'coz I'm such a camwhore! I didn't edit theses pictures to show you guys what it really looks like..

I think the lighting kinda made it look blonde.. but really it's not. Or I guess it shows up blondish since I died my hair blonde before, then coloring it to milk tea brown..

It looks a bit like ash blonde in my pictures.. but in actual like, live action mode lololol It's kinda grayish / greenish / brown.

*My camera in normal mode* See?? I told you it's kinda dark.. 'coz it's grayish! Ehehe ~

No dramatic make-up today! Just got home from work.. and could someone please slap this bitch?! She's such a camwhore! Urghh!!! ~

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  1. You're cute even without makeup :)

    The colour looks really good!! I read some negative reviews on this product, but you it seemed to have worked really well for you!!

  2. Aww thank you!

    Really? I thought Palty's really nice? Although the normal one kinda dries the hair.. but it colors the hair pretty well..

    And this one pretty much colored everything! No more orange hair! Although I did wait until 30 minutes when it says to wait for only 20! Ehehe ~

  3. i like the color of your hair, and yes, you still look good even without makeup. :))

    hmm, i'm not really the type of person who likes to color her hair, but maybe i'll need some products like those to color my gray hair to my normal hair color when i become old. hahah. seriously, i'd like to color my hair when i feel like it. xD

    thank you so much for your comment on my post. :)) it really means a lot, and i do like it better if someone writes a long comment. haha. at least i know he/she could relate that well. :D

  4. Hello! I've stumbled upon your blog and I think it's great to be friends with you.
    Do you mind if we follow each others' blogs? (*^▽^*)

  5. Aww.. thanks nice : )

    I guess it depends on people.. I for example likes to color my hair 'coz I like to change my image a lot! Hehehe.. Don't worry though! Not coloring your hair will keep it healthy! Mine's a bit dry from all the coloring and stuff..

    Oh no big! I feel your pain.. but next time, don't be too hard on yourself! You gots talent so be happy ~

  6. To: Kristen

    Oh I'd love to be friends with you too! Omg.. I'm so happy!

    I followed you already ~ and holy cheeseballs! I love your blog so much!!!

  7. cute :D I'm looking to dye my hair but I'm always stuck on a color and I worry if I dye it I'll have to keep dying it to keep up with my roots, I permed my hair one time and the after effects are still here today since my hair is no longer perfectly straight and people comment on if it's always been like that... why is hair so complicated

  8. To: LemonberryLulu

    I know.. (-_- ) dying your hair light is a pain and is expensive.. I, however just wanted a 'change' for myself 'coz I've had black/brown hair for like, FOREVER!!! So yeah.. and uhh.. coloring your hair A LOT damages it.. my hair is practically damaged and I hate it I swear!!!

    So that's whjy your hair is wavy! I thought it was natural too! But it fits you perfectly! It really looks good on you!

    I know, I wish I had like, perfect hair like those girls in hair commercials! Urghh..

  9. owwww cute hair color XD I wish I could color my hair like that~ btw, what camera are you using?? :o



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