Thanks Sofia! やったー

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I went to visit my tita Shirley's house so that I could see ate Half/Jap ooor Sofia today after work and gaaaush.. I missed her so much! We talked about tons of stuff even sex たはは… with her mom, tita Shirley! OMG! にこにこ

And yes, she gave me an omiyage from the Philippines.

She bought me contact lenses! And it's super cute!!! It's nudy blue and she bought it online from her collegue.. (Sofia's collegue)

Oh yeah.. and here's a picture of it!

< Ooops! エリザベス I see dirt! Hmm.. Oh well, I'll clean it later うーん・・・? >

And yes, now.. would I even miss not showing you a picture of me with it?!


Of course, I can't! I'm a wgefjqgwejhgfd camwhore!
Okay, so this post is a bit too 'SHORT' that's why I'd be adding more! lololol.

The other day, I bought blank cd's 'coz my co-worker asked me if I could burn her some 西野カナ songs and burn her 2 of Nishino Kana's albums.. Love one. and to LOVE. ハート

And I burned some for myself too.. I burned The GazettE's album DIM just 'coz there's a song named エリカ (Erika) in it.. and lol THAT'S MY NAME! OH NANA! サングラスおじさん

And burned, Aqua Timez's Utai Sarishi Hana album, Nishino Kana's to LOVE aaand Sonar Pocket's あなたのうた (Anata no Uta) pp

< lololol I was so bored I put black nail polish all over the cd にこー❤ >

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  1. Those contacts look so cute!! Are they Geo two tone?

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's Geo magic color and it's in nudy blue ehehehe ★



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