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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey guys! So it's been a while ~ again! And yee am back with a video of me doin' make up! I decided I'd do a video on the look I featured in my previous post. And I'd really really really really reaaaaaally ぉ appreciate your views on this one you guys! I worked real hard on this and I wasted make up on this video ぶぅ so your views are kinda like what you have to pay me for wasting make up (lololol) うひひ omg you guys I was just kiddin'.


You like it?! 笑い You don't?!?! Aww shucks! うっとり Oh well whatever.. にやっ Oh hey guys! This is my new Youtube Account by the way. I cancelled my old one 'coz my url name sucks so yeah.. I'd really really reaally appreciate your subs or friend request ~~ and I really like doing this shizzz. You know? watanabear-smile2 Posting videos of me doing make up so, it'll be really cool if you guys can suggest 'looks' おんぷ and I'd really do my best to make that for you! Ehe.. I know there are already tons of gurus on youtube but I really like doing this and I think it's really fun! うんほん~~ Yeah.. I had fun editin' and waiting and waiting for it to save ~ べ~

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  1. love your video <3


  2. omg THANK YOU SO MUCH! You just made my night! Hihi



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