♥akn♥ Sweets Sweets / PA Polish Review & Tutorial ?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey guys! Another nail review and a tutorial (I guess) for you guys 'coz I feel like prepping my nails today! I'll be reviewing the recent polishes I bought which are Sweets Sweets polish from Sweets Sweets Cosmetics and PA Crackle Polish!

So here you guys go ~

Okay, so first up.. I'm sorry if you have to deal with the blurs again but I just can't risk showing you my freakishly disgusting fingers!

Okay so, this is Sweets Sweets Polish in NL39 from Sweets Sweets Cosmetics! If you're not familiar with the brand go check out their site! I've already linked it in it's name. And yeah.. I'm also not familiar with the brand but it says so in the back of the product that it's made from France! Gotta love stuff that's made from France! Everybody loves France! Haha! Okay now, so as for the review ~

Really cheap!
The pigmentation of the color is really nice.
You can even apply up to just 1 coat and it looks really good.
is cute and the bottle's big for a cheap price.
Brush applicator is great!
Dries fast!
And the color is absolutely gorgeous! (For me though!)

Okay so this deserves a ★★★★★ stars!

Found a really good angle so you don't have to deal with the blurs anymore on this picture! Okay so, I experimented a little and thought that it'll be really nice to match it up with crackle polish! I have mentioned in my previous blog that I hated PA polishes and that I don't ever wanna buy another PA polish again! But, since it's the only crackle polish I could find! I had no choice.

It's cheap! Yay!
You only have to put one coat 'coz applying two coats will not look good.
Even though you applied a thick coat of polish, it actually cracks fast!
It has a dry finish.
Brush applicator is okay..
It's crucial that you apply top coat 'coz it will not look good if you don't.

I'd never though I'd give this one a ★★★★☆ stars!

This was actually nice! I guess I'd be buying more of this 'coz they had like red, pink and white! Nice ne?!

Okay so, this is not actually a tutorial ne? But I'd be posting the products I used aaand the close up finish look!

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  1. i am fan of crack nails ^^ your looks very pretty ^^

  2. I actually like the sweets nailpolish. Why it looks rather orange on the pics I'm pretty surprised how pink your nails look with it!

  3. the cracked nail coat and the glittery one gives an edge to the girliness of it! I like it :)



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