Kracie Poppin' にやっ Snack Time Japan Style! ぺこ

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

You guys familiar with RRcherrypie's videos on youtube? It's becoming a real hit in Japan and to other countries too! If you are familiar.. then I bet you're gonna enjoy this post!

I give you.. a weekend past time idea! Candy makin' kits!!! It's crafty, it's fun aaand not to mention EDIBLE!!! Here are some of the things we did based on RRcherrypie's videos.

Snack time? Let's do it Japan style!!!

Choco Banana Candy

Ramen and Gyoza Candy
(The ramen tastes like actual ramen tho)

Takoyaki Gummy

Gumi Tsureta


Candy Making Kit
(I didn't see this one on his videos but he does
something similar with erasers tho.. not candy!)

Had fun making these! Although it's too troublesome! (>_____< ) Maaa.. if you love doing troublesome things then these candies suits you best! I personally would prefer doing this occasionally 'coz y'know, I'm used to the on the go candies! Open the wrapper-eat the candy-throw the wrapper-candy! But y'know I can't help it sometimes 'coz by the time you're done the outcome becomes too cute and precious that you don't feel like eating it anymore!

O...kay! That's it! Hope you had fun reading this! Did it make your mouths water?? Hehehe.. My bad! 'Til next time you guys!

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  1. That looks so fun!! I would love doing those xD I am such a kid haha

    1. It's fun you should try it! Ha ha.. if you're a kid.. then I'm also a kid? Ahhhh... (^o^ )b

  2. What is "Gumi Tsureta"?? it's sweet?

    1. Gumi Tsureta is a powder turned gummy candy dipped in sweet yummy sauce!!!

  3. aaw, looks so yummy *.* and funny ^^ wanna try! thanks for good advice :)

  4. Unkou (poop) candy? hahaha funny, gross and cute at the same time ^ ^

    1. We ate the poop candy! It tastes pretty good! (^o^ )v

  5. yumm :D i love ramen xd

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    You will be my friend? My name is Jacqueline
    You have a sweet blog, I am interested in Japan (generally Asia) Asian music (Juliet, BIGBANG, SHINee, 2NE1, SNSD, etc) GYARU <3
    I hope you write back.
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    1. Me too! <3

      Aww thanks bb!
      Of course! I'd definitely check you're blog and try to email you! Thanks so much!

      I love all of the artists you've just mentioned! Cool! I bet you n' I will get along pretty well! KORE KARA YOROSHIKU NE!

  6. Woah this looks so cute and fun and yummy!
    I remember loving to play with pretend food when I was little, but I think playing with real food is even better!
    I want to eat candy now...

  7. wow! its looks very good and i find your blog very nice :3 hihi... <3


  8. Wah! I saw xiaxues videos on these and I want to try the ramen one so badly hahahahah candy ramen! =P But they do look troublesome, it seems like one of those "one time" things hee hee

  9. I saw XX's video of that! But it doesn't look like it would taste very good?!



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