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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I changed my blog name again! It's now ❤~Lucky Ju(十)'s blog~❤. The (十) means 10 in Kanji and is pronounced (Jyuu). My new blog name can either be pronounced as Lucky Ju's blog or Lucky Ju-ten's blog~ but Idk, the Ju-ten thing just doesn't sound right.. lol.

ANYWAY! Off to the real topic here folks! Today I received the Bubbi brushes I ordered last week~ about 07/19 I think and then it arrived yesterday but I only called it in today and tadah! Omg the delivery was really faaast.. I was hoping to get it next week! But hey! here it is~ I'm really happy with the brushes I got!

This is the basic set I ordered.

I think this is the only thing I'm dissapointed at.. you see! I didn't even used it yet, I just opened it and there's a scratch already! It's also pretty hard to close avoiding it not to scratch when no matter what you do.. IT IS GONNA SCRATCH! Urghh.. but still~ I love Bubbi so I'll let this one slide! lololol.

I bet you already know who Bubzbeauty is and her shop's link but I'm just gonna put it out here just in case ~> (❤Bubbi's Shop❤) Oh and by the way~ I really wanted these brushes when it first came out but I couldn't get my hands on it 'coz it's well.. too expensive at that time but now the price dropped waaay down! That's why I got it! I got the 'etched' version though and not the printed ones.

Alright! So what was I up to before writing this blog?!

Ate icecream (Oh look it's heartshaped! > buttshaped <) </ br>
</ br>
よし!And now I'm off to jog~ see you guys in my next post!

</ br>

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  1. ohhhh my god you're ice-cream is so cute :) as a little bited heart ^_^
    I like your new brushes...do you try them?
    are good?
    vendy <3

    1. I haven't tried 'em yet but it feels really soft! I love it!

  2. I love Bubz's videos <3
    I really want to buy her brushes and clothes ^^

  3. You should try the HD Flawless and the buffer brush....HD flawless is so helpful when applying bb cream or foundation and the buffer brush is just soooooooooooo soft!!!

  4. I'm following bubzbeauty but not always watching all the videos. Still I've heard a lot of the brushes and they're probably super good for doing make-up considering bubbi's skills.

    You should probably let her know about the scratch tho, maybe there's something they can do to fix it :)



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