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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello my little fairies! Today I'm going to show you fairies what I bought on my new favorite online shop, Sasa! Tbh, I really don't know if I need to introduce you to this shop 'coz this shop is pretty known. I actually found this shop from a fellow blogger and by that time I was looking for shops that sells korean products. I saw many other sites but what I love about Sasa is that they have a LOT of VARIETIES! Many many MANY brands to choose from and you get to see product reviews! Whether good or bad so it's pretty cool! And did I mention the products are super affordable! So it's not only cool but it's AWESOME!

So yes, here are the items I got and I'll do a review on 'em soon..... THIS TIME I REALLY PROMISE I'D DO A REVIEW!!!

The box may look like it had been through a lot but I didn't smell anything fishy about the products inside the box. The products are all nicely sealed with a bubble wrap plus the product itself is sealed with hard plastic so it's legit. Yup! I can def say it's legit! Nice packaging!

My 2nd favorite stuff I got are from the brand Tony Moly! It's the Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel and Egg Pore Tightening Pack. They're all out with the golden egg or the Silky Smooth Balm which is what I REALLY WANTED! But these products are cool too! Just look at the packaging! EGGS! 可愛いでしょ?
Kiwi Mask from Skinfood. Oh and guys quick tip, put this inside the fridge then use it! (DON'T EVER MISTAKE IT FOR A SANDWICH SPREAD THOUGH!) It's a tightening mask after all, and you putting it inside the fridge will not only make your face feel good once applied but it'll also help with the tightening! TRUST MEH.

Oh and yeah, these are slimming pills! 'Coz I wanted to lose weight so bad! Plus, they have a promo, 2 for a price of 1 and I saw many good reviews! So I thought I HAVE TO HAVE THIS! And please guys, don't go all.. 'You should prescribe a doctor first before using this.' because I have no 'food' allergies and I have no problem with anything I put inside my body so thank you! Okay, so these pills are said to burn your fats without you exercising but since I exercise and run every 4-5 times a week this'll serve kinda like a supplement just to help me lose weight a bit faster.. and I've been drinking it now for almost 2 weeks and so far I lost a kilo but I still exercise y'know? But anyway.. I'll post more details once I'm thin. LOL.

This my favorite out of all the things I bought! It's a lens slash lash case and It's made in Japan (But I don't see it here m(O_____O)m) and I just thought it's really pretty and pink! Plus, it's really handy too.. I used to just bring the normal lens case with me whenever I go out but the liquid in it always spills!!! So I got this one! No spillage, really handy, plus I can put my lash here if it ever falls off and it's so pretty and girly just the way I like it!

And then lastly, I got this free sample! You get to choose your sample and it was this and a notebook. I chose this instead! And now I'm like, Drats! I should've gotten the notebook!

I'll do a review as soon as possible! It's almost 2 weeks now since I received the products and I've been using it now! I'm really happy with my purchases so I know i'll be coming back to Sasa until I found a much better online shop! LOL.]

And now! I end this post with a picture of me! I edited from my new favorite app Lumie! Check me awt! Check me awt! Check me awwwwwt.....

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  1. Love this haul :D tony moly egges ftw <3

    1. Thank u! Hahaha.. I know! They're awesome!

  2. I went to sasa and saw that lens case too <3 it was so beautiful!!

  3. Your blog is so cute! I think I might purchase the skinfood mask if it tightens the face! thanks x

  4. Those egg pore packaging is so cute!



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