Christmas Party 2014 & My Surprise Baby Shower!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I know it's late like 2014 late! lol. But I wanted to become more active in blogging mainly 'coz I'm bored and I'm pretty much done with all the organizing around the house and I'm just sick of playing Sims 3 everyday! So, here's a story of how my friends surprised me on our 'supposed' Christmas party and share pics of how happy we were! OKAY!

Me and my friends planned on celebrating our Christmas party on Dec. 28th yes, 28 because, here in Japan Christmas is no big holiday so they all have work on Christmas Day including my husband! So much for our first Christmas together as husband and wife! But, anyway.. we all planned on bringing our own food to the party oh and I forgot to say that we're just having a karaoke party 'coz that's what we like to do, get a room and go crazy inside that room. So anyway, I bought pizza to the party! I have no idea they're planning a party for me. I'm on my 36th week at the time so I'm not expecting for a baby shower. I didn't even plan one for myself because instead of using the money for the party I'd rather use it to buy baby stuff and stuff for our apartment. (That's how cheap I've become boo hoo..) So, when I opened the door they all yelled, 'SURPRISE!' And I'm like, wtf you guys had confetti on my fake lashes! lol. And in my mind I was like, wtf did they yell surprise for? Then when I'm done fixing my fake lashes I saw 'Haruki's Baby Shower' banner hanging on the wall and am like Kyaaa~! Omg they made a surprise baby shower for me and my baby! Huhu.. I've never felt so loved! lol~ Here are our pics and their effort and gifts~

Here's us lookin' oh so happy!

We're all happy for all the presents we got!

Me and my girl Vencie  

Me and my girl Nica! I was her secret santa

Here's me and a bumpfie!
We were all required to wear red that day or else we have to pay ¥2,000.
I have no red sweater or anything red that'll fit me right now
so the ribbons on my back are the only 'red' I have on me! lol.

Me and my best guy friend Naoto

Naoto was like, 'You lucky bitch!' lol.

Here's me and my forever crush Taki! lol.
He just got married aswell and he's also expecting a baby!
I'm so happy for him and his gf!

This is the secret santa present I got!
It's a fluffy warm scarf and my secret santa
was the guy I was crushing on like, for forever! Taki lol.

These are my shower gifts!
I really like the diaper cake/diaper center piece!
My friend who bakes put a lot of effort in it and I'm forever grateful!
Look Haru! You have nice god mothers/god fathers to be! Aren't you a lucky baby??

Time to go home! I had so much fun! Bye bye~!

OKAY! Drama Time! Eh ehem.. I just wanna say that I'm so blessed I have friends like them. 2014 has been one of the happiest years of my life and even happier because my friends gave me a memorable pre-year end party memory that I'll remember and be grateful for forever! THANK YOU FRIENDS! Especially to my besties, Nica and Vencie!

Thanks you guys!

Anyway, to make this post long because I want it to be a readful lol. 2013-2014 have made me forever busy! That's why I have no time to blog at all. I didn't have the time to share all the wonderful things that has happened to my life! How much weight I gained and how I got a handsome bf and how he became my husband lol. I 'promise' that I'll be more active in blogging from now on because, I don't think I'll be that busy unlike before. See you on my next post~!

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  1. Congratulations :)!!! So many diapers! Hahaha my mum hosted a surprise baby shower for her friend in 2014 too

    1. Thanks Tokki! I guess your mom's friend is as lucky as me! Hehehe.. I know! Those diapers will last me for months! d(^o^)b



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