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Friday, April 10, 2015

Hey guys! Just wanted to share this site called Beautybay and the stuff I got from there. I've heard of beautybay ages ago from make up gurus on youtube that I follow but it's my first time purchasing there! And I must say I'm really happy! There are no Sephora here in Japan that I know of and I really wanted to get my hands on Naked 3 from Urban Decay even tho it's sooo 2013 (I think?) and there are new much better palletes now compared to Naked 3 still, I want it! Scratch that.. I NEED it in my life! lol.

Okay, I seriously thought it's going to come in a nice fancy black box with a ribbon on it! lol. But it's cool.. all parcels are like this right? (^o^)v Delivery was okay too.. I think it came in about two weeks? Free delivery if you exceeded (atleast in my country) ¥1788. The site is based in UK I think so it's totally understandable why it took 2 weeks to get here!

These are the main things that I bought.

The lip glaze set is actually a gift set. I thought of giving it to a friend then I changed my mind 'coz I wanted new lip glosses. lol. The silver leaves thingy are actually a headband and you can use the gold stila cup as a brush cup.

I really didn't plan on getting the lip glaze set but it was on sale and it says that if I still add +¥2000 on my order that it'll give me a free gift set that aren't sample size. I caved then I got these:

Not sample size huh? lol. But it's free so it's cool! These are 1oz. and it's perfect for travel. I can use it when we go to the Philippines this June. I am using it tho so Idk if it'll last me 'til June. lol. I'm not familiar with Mario Badescu products but I like it 'coz the toner smells like Sampaguita or Arabian Jasmine and the facial wash smells like nature~

Omg so pretty! I'm inlove with the pinky tones!

It came with these and I love using eden!

I love these gloses even tho I've only used like three. The 5th gloss, 6th and 8th.
I love how they go from nude to dark. And they smell like grapes! (They don't taste like grapes tho) I've used the 8th gloss first and I thought it's the only gloss that smells like grapes 'coz it looks like a grape color.. then I used the two other glosses and they smell like grapes aswell. Haha!

That's about it!
to finish of this post, behold my face!
Using Naked 3 pallete and the 6th gloss.
(Sorry Idk the names I'm too lazy to get them and read 'em but it's just a red lipgloss. lol.)

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  1. Nice post! Never heard of that store before~
    I like the packaging of the gift set, so useful!!
    I'm really tempted to buy the Naked 3 palette since I have both 1 and 2, not sure if I would even use it though...I just want it because I have the other ones haha!

    1. Thanks Tokki! You always like and comment on my post ❤️ Thank you lots! 😊 Really appreciate it! ☺️
      Ikr! Lucky you~ I wanted to get the vault but now it's all sold out! 😭 It'll be nice to have as a collection tho~ and I bet you'll use it 'coz it got lotz of pretty shades~ 😊



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