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Monday, May 04, 2015

First of all I would like to congratulate my cousin, who's now a papa and his wife Aya 
Welcome to the world our precious baby Remi! I'm really sorry I have to include you in this rant post.

So today we visited my cousin's wife, Aya at the hospital 'coz she just gave birth yesterday to my beautiful niece from cousin, Remi 

Ahh.. Remi.. my cute tiny niece! She's only 2,200+grams! So precious!

I'm really happy 'coz we've been waiting forever for her to come out! Aya's due date was supposed to be on April 27. Since it's late she was induced 'coz the baby won't come out yet..

She's so tiny and fragile. Compared to Haru now who just had his 3 month check up now weighs 7.8kg!

Anyway, reason why I'm blogging about this it's 'coz I've had it with adults!

When we went to visit Aya, my aunt's (my cousin's mom) friends tagged along with us. (me, my husband, dad and lil' bro) One of my aunt's friend was excited I guess 'coz he haven't seen Haru yet. First reaction when they saw Haru. Omg he's big! lol. They carried him and told me he's heavy. (yes, coz his big desho?!) Asked me how much he weighs and I told them he's 7.8kg which is big I know but according to his baby book, his weight is normal. Then they told me I shouldn't feed him much 'coz he's so big. I literally cringed and thought? Wow! So what if he's hungry? Do I not feed him 'coz he's fat?! The fuck would I starve my child for?! He's a baby! Of course it's okay if he's fat! And duh.. Since he weighs 7.8kg he should be drinking atleast 200ml of milk but I only feed him 160ml when he's hungry 'coz that's just the amount of milk he can finish. I'm not over feeding him at all.

Let's see what my baby has to say..

See?! You made him cry!

Before heading to the hospital, Haru pooped so I changed his diaper but then he had a leak so I had to change his clothes too. I bought him an extra but they told me I should've brought more inside my bag. Omg we're only going to be out for a couple of hours?! What do want me to do bring his wardrobe?!!

When we arrived at the hospital.. Haru was fine. Dad insisted on carrying him so I let him. Now, Aya's room was hot. She said the aircondition was broke so we had to settle for fresh air coming from the window. Haru fell sleep but woke up later on so I took pics with him and Remi.

They're they are.. my two little precious 

Then dad went outside with Haru. I don't know what happened afterwards 'coz I was busy talking to Aya and taking Remi's pics. Dad went back to the room and I think my aunt's friend was carrying him. I really didn't notice. All I remember is that Haru suddenly bursted out crying and then dad was holding him trying to soothe him. I know Haru, he's easy to soothe! Even my dad can soothe him but this time it's different! He can't be soothed at all! And it was the first time I've seen Haru cry the longest and the loudest!

What pissed me the most is that I want my dad to give me Haru so I can soothe him but he insists that he can do it then my aunt's friends thinks they can too so Haru's was passed on from my dad to my aunt's friends! At the time they kept telling me maybe he's hungry? (but he just drank milk) maybe he's this and that and those! (lol) I was panicking I don't know what to do? Should I do this? That? Those? (lol) Then finally, my husband took Haru away from them and said we should go home. When we we're walking to the car, Haru wasn't crying as much. Then I knew what he's problem was. He's HOT! That's why he kept crying. Then my dad kept blaming my aunt's friend, said she was too loud that's why Haru got irritated. Now, I didn't really like my dad blaming it to other people 'coz it's not my aunt's friends' fault. It was the room's fault! 'Coz it's hot!

All I'm saying is.. can't people let me concentrate on what to do instead of telling me maybe he's this? And that?? Or WHATEVER!

Oh and I remember at the time my aunt's friend told me I should've brought some juice or water to feed Haru. Drinking too much milk isn't good for the baby. That's why Haru's fat! The fuck what?! He's 3 frickin' months! Omg!

I would rather believe what I read on babycenter than you're stupid advice!

I tried feeding my baby mugi cha for babies (tea) but he just doesn't like it so I'm sticking with milk!


I know they're just concern and all but trust me I know how to take care of my baby. I know I'm young but I'm not stupid. I know what I got myself into so I should learn what to do and what not to do. And I want to do my own rules when it comes to taking care of my OWN child.

This is why I don't judge mom's and tell them what to do and what not to do 'coz I don't want them having a problem with me. I don't mind what you do to your baby.. so don't mind what I do to my baby? Right? Except maybe when you're doing something really wrong and alarming for example, starving your child. Leaving your child alone in the house. THAT I would mind.

I don't mean for this blog to be offensive but I just want to vent 'coz I feel offended when other's think I'm not doing a good job when I know I am. I'm also sorry for the profanities I've mentioned 'coz I'm really pissed. We all have different ways to take care of our baby 'coz our babies are different. And I'd rather take babycenter or thebump's advice than yours. (not you but the people who pissed me off!) THANKS!

'Coz I'm your MAMA ! lol.

He's got scratches on his face 'coz of his nails.
I cut his nails.
But sometimes those suckers just grow so fast!

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  1. oh the baby is so cute.
    Maybe you or someone else fancy a F4F?
    would be happy. =)

    1. HAHA! Thank you!
      Sure thing!!! (^v^)v



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