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Friday, June 12, 2015

I thought I'd share how I lose weight in this blog to keep me updated on my progress so far. This will be so embarassing for me as I will reveal my weight and everything and I've been denial for so long.. I considered myself 'The Queen of Illusion' 'coz I look slim in pics but I look like a giant marshmallow in real life! Anyways, might aswell come clean and share everything!

I was fat all my life. When I started going on a diet (jogging everynight & eating healthy) 2-3 years ago my 'slimmest' weight was 63kg, And then, I had a boyfriend! Lol. Which is my husband now. This is where I started to forget my diet and started growing and growing until I weighed 70kg. (Idk bout you guys but I ALWAYS gain weight when I'm with someone.. HAHA!) I got pregnant at this time and then grew up to 83kg. By the time Haru was born and I was breastfeeding.. I wasn't dieting or anything but in fact I am being told to eat a lot so I can make more breast milk for baby! Even though I'm not dieting I dropped to 73kg! I thought breastfeeding was helping me lose weight so I thought oh, I'm breastfeeding.. I can eat everything and still lose weight.. NOT! I started gaining weight again plus taking contraceptive pills which also helped with my weight gain. But I couldn't solely blame it on the pills 'coz I was eating a LOT too!

I then reached 80kg! 80 fucking kilos wtf! I'm obese! It was alarming for me but everytime I would start going on a diet I kept saying maybe tomorrow and the next day.. and another day pass and I'm still not dieting!!! It wasn't until we have to go to Studio Alice to have Haru's photo taken for his late お宮参り Omiyamairi  (It's like Christening here in Japan) and we have to wear formal clothes for the ceremony and picture taking. I don't have any formal dresses but I have suits! So when I was trying on my suits and it won't fucking fit! I started crying and I was really dissapointed in myself because I let myself turn out this way. And I was really dissapointed because if I can't wear my suits, we can't give Haru a proper Omiyamairi and we can't have a family picture. So by, June 3 I started taking my diet seriously. I would eat one cup of rice in a little Japanese bowl and some meat and veggies. I wouldn't eat anything after.. no dinner nor supper. So basically, I'm only eating once a day.. by lunch time! I do get hungry but I drink lots of water to keep me full. I also drink green tea 5 times a day or more.. it's just a normal green tea, not a diet tea. I read that it also helps you lose weight. My workouts include cleaning the house, watching workout vids on youtube and doing it and I sometimes workout with Haru (I saw some mommy & baby workout tips on TV). I can't lie but I do eat snacks sometimes. Like, if I lose a kilo today I would eat some chips as a reward and I wouldn't eat chips until I lose weight again.

I set goals to help me lose weight. And today, June 12 I lost a total of 4kg. It wasn't what I was expecting as I was expecting to lose 5kg today. But I still managed to lose 4kg which is okay!

By June 30 I want to lose a total of 10 kg. I just need to lose 6 more kilos to finally lose a total of 10 kilos in a month. My goal 'for now' is to reach 60kg. And by the time I reached 60kg I'll have another goal which is 55kg.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, my suits fits me now! Haru's Omiyamairi and picture taking will be on June 14. And I'm so happy I lost the weight.. now we can give him a proper Omiyamairi and a family picture! I've been going on and off on losing weight for so long. I can only wish I can maintain it 'coz I need to reach atleast 55kg-50kg so I can fit on a wedding dress! Me and my hubs are planning to have a wedding ceremony and I hope I lose the weight so we can celebrate! Will update my progress again to keep me motivated.

Posted this pic to keep me motivated 'coz I was only 65kg on this pic. This was a year ago.
HUHU.. Even 65kg is considered fat here but at the time I could fit into medium sized clothes!

So yeah,


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  1. beautyful outfit =)

    1. Thanks! It only costed me ¥500! Hehe..

  2. Good luck on the weight lost! I've been meaning to lose weight but it's so hard :/ I love food so much and i hate exercise hahaha

    1. Thanks Tokki ♡ Why do u need to lose weight? You're already sexy?? Hehehe.. I love food too and I also hate sweating but I have to or else I'm gonna be ginormous! 😱



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