Monday, August 03, 2009

C O P Y C A T - Someone who copies the words or behavior of another.
One who imitates others' work without adding ingenuity; To act as a copycat;
to copy in a shameless or derivative way; Imitative; unoriginal.

We all hate copycats. I mean, who doesn't?! Even copycats hate their kind! Because they are thieves! They steal ideas from another and they never give credit for it. Why do these people even existed for crying out loud?! And you're all probably wondering why I hate them so much. Well, you see, I was always a victim of these filty, shameless creatures and so is my closest friend. And when I see someone copying another it just gross me out. I feel sorry for copycats 'cause when was God was giving away ORIGINALITY, they we're all sleeping like babies.

So now you know why I hate/can't stand/curse/despise/dislike them.

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