Stop Typing Nonsense!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well, I probably should mind my own business, right?! After all they (The one I'm gonna rant about.) aren't doing anything to me. But, I still want to do this and I think many people and not just me are irritated to these people. And if you are reading this and you are one of "these people" that I'm talking about, don't be offended because it's true and like what Kelly Cutrone said on The City, "The truth hurts." Well some of you may know but, anyway let's get on with it shall we?

Okay so.. If you're a Friendster user, you probably noticed people typing like this.. "acquoh poh xii.. (ako po si..) aii labk mahh.. (i love my..)" etc.. right?! Them ghetto wanna be's typing nonsense. Irritating huh?! I just thought maybe they don't know how to spell the words or ANY words even the SIMPLEST of words, that's why they keep adding to much H and Z's, S and C's, changing the K or C to Q. For example, LABK which is LOVE. Dang! They can't even pronounce that word! So why are these people like this?! Why are they typing these way?! Well, it's simple. In my theory, they are just attention seekers, low life ghetto wanna be's who tries to be cool but fails. They don't know how to spell and use punctuation marks the right way, that's why they keep adding tons of periods, exclamation points and question marks. They're dummies and so on.

So why am irritated again with these people?! Because I can't f****** understand them!
Ya know what am sayin'?!?!

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