Yesterday's Feeling, Now Replaced With Bliss

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yesterday, I've blog about how sad I was
not being able to talk to
my love ~ RAINER.

He mailed me today at FACEBOOK!

And I am so happy!!!

and so his message goes like this:

Rainer Cruz
Today at 6:21pm
boo magusap nmn tau ohh .. pls lng ..

di ko tlaga kayang kalimutan k .. MAHAL na MAHAL kita babe .. huuuhu patawarin muna ko .. gmit ko pla laptop ni gem .. pls sglit lng 2 .. usap n tau ..

"boo let's talk ohh .. pls ..
I can't forget you .. I really LOVE you babe .. huuhu forgive me ..
I'm using gem's laptop .. pls I'm only gonna use it for a short time .. let's talk .."

I said okay.. and a couple of messages also arrived and it says:
babe kausapin m nmn ako oh .. pls lng .. mahal na mahal tlaga kita di ko kyang mwala k skin .. patawwarin m n ko .. pls boo .. ngmamakaawa ako sau .. huhuhuuhu

almost the same as the first
and this:
pls nmn ohh magusap tau .. di ko n tlaga kaya 2 .. kala ko nung una kaya kong klimutan k .. pero hndi pla TALAGANG IKAW LANG HINAHANAP NG PUSO KO .. pls babe magusap tau .. hirap na hirap n ko .. huhuhuhuuh iwant my babyboo to come back .. super miss n kita babe .. sana nmn di kna galit skin ..

"pls let's talk .. I can't take this anymore .. I thought at first I can forget you but I can't YOU ARE WHAT I REALLY WANT .. pls let's talk .. I'm so over this .. huhuhuhuuh iwant my babyboo to come back .. I super miss you (Hmm?) ..I hope you're not mad at me anymore ..

Then, after reading all his msg I rushed and accepted his friend request
and chatted with him
And I am so happy!!!
We didn't broke up after all
I was so relieved and thank God
because yesterday when I was about to sleep
I made a deal with God
that if Rainer doesn't mail me
I will forget about him.
But It seems God doesn't want me to forget about him
'coz he knows WE'RE MEANT TO BE!

Well, okay I'm being too mushy and all!
I'm really not like this
but I LOVE what I'm feeling now.
Having someone to LOVE is GREAT!

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