I'm Already 17; I'm Only 17

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yippee! I'm 17!!! (I just got seventeen this september 22) And huraaah.. does that I mean I can decide for myself? choose what I want? be a little more MATURE? As a matter of fact YES! But why are you guys treating me this way?! I'm old enough to decide for myself.. to choose what I want, to decide when or not to love.. to choose where will I be happy and not doing things that'll ONLY make you happy.. atleast be conciderate, I HAVE FEELINGS TOO. You scarin' me off will never do. GET IT?!

Whew! Well, that worked.. atleast I feel better now. Hmm.. by the way, I MISSED BLOGGING! I didn't blog for the last two weeks 'coz I'm banned using the internet at my dad's place.. I'm now here at my mom's and thanks to her I can mail my friends back at the Philippines. My dad's a douche.. he won't let me use the internet because of my boyfriend back at the Philippines! I mean, c'mon we can't even see each other?! And oh.. the thing I said about changing for the better?? It's not for the better! I felt so heartbroken not getting to talk to him and even my friends! Good thing I can internet on my mom's place, I read his messages on friendster and facebook and it was so sweet. He loves me so much, so why would I wanna break up with him and I still love him? I can't fool myself? So what if I'm still young? I'm old enough to choose who I wanna be with for the rest of my life and I'm sure he'll give me a bright future someday.. YEAH! I SAID IT! I'm only hoping nobody from my family reads this.. we're still in a secret relationship because them finding out will be trouble again.


Well, I still have somethin' to say.. as my birthday gift from mom. She called to order a red comet brand of clothing that I saw from ranzuki magazine and it's gonna come tomorrow! Yipee! It looks like this.

Well, I still want contacts so I hope mom will agree, her buying me contacts that I saw from ranzuki magazine.. my mom's lazy when it comes to shopping so it's a good thing I bought this ranzuki magazine.. I can order clothes, beauty products, contacts and etc. from the magazine! COOL!

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