*September Wishlist*

Thursday, September 03, 2009

First, I'm going to talk about how I'm addicted to BUZZER BEAT and I really wanna watch the episode 8 with subs.. But no matter how hard I search through the net.. I can't find the ep. 8 with subs. I've already watched it and I'm actually now at ep. 9 showing this saturday here in Japan.. But since I can't understand all that japanese.. I wanna watch it here in the net with SUBS so baddd!!! I was so happy when Naoki Riko lip locked! And Naoki never done that to his ex (Natsuki "The Insane Bitch") before so it's so cool! Okay.. So moving on..

5-6 hours of not so good sleep.. Because I was thinking of a wishlist this september! If you don't know yet.. September is my birthday month that's why I made a wishlist here in my mind m( >v< )v Okay so here it goes..

x°My September Wishlist°x

[♥] Lavshuca Make-Ups
(It's only a drugstore make-up but I fell in love with it's cuteness and I often see it in japanese magazines that's why I want one!)
[♥] Fall Clothes
[♥] Ketai (yeah.. I still have no cellphone 'coz my parents are being practical.. I mean what do I need a cellphone for if I don't have "friends" yet.. right?! But, now since I'm almost 5 months here.. I want one!)
[♥] Contact Lense ~angel color "purple" or nudy "green" color~
(Yes! I want contact lense! Even though I have difficulties in putting it on my eye ('coz I really have teary eyes).. I still want one!)
[♥] Disney land or Sanrio Pureland trip
[♥] An Arubaito (part time job) I really want one so that I won't have to ask for money from my parents everytime I want something.. 'Coz living here in Japan is expensive!

Well that is all..

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