Why Are Filipinos Like That?! ( _ _ . )

Thursday, September 10, 2009

When you’re in a foreign country and you see someone of the same race as you.. What do you do? Ignore them? Greet them? Or simply talk to them in Japanese even though you’re talking to him/her in tagalog?! Isn’t that kind of rude and really frustrating?! Well, that’s what happened to me on my nihonggo class.. So, last Monday I really don’t wanna go to class ‘coz I think it was kinda’ BORING but I attended anyways so I could get a basic kanji learning thing.. And so I biked my way to class, got there and told my sensei I was at Adachiku for 3 weeks that’s why I didn’t get to attend for a very long time.. Sashiburi! yeah.. yeah.. Then, I met this cool sensei Shizue, she’s really easy to talk to and I like her! *FASTFORWARD* And so the classes are about to end.. And it some Rashi guy’s birthday! He gave out chocolates and I told him Omedetto! & nice to meet you! ~ He seem really nice and we shook hands.. And did I tell you there was a cute guy in black? Which I think is Korean? Hehehe.. He’s cute but his face is dirty ‘coz he didn’t shave! Haha! But anyway, I decided to wear cute clothes from now on if I’m gonna attend class and not some barabara clothes! Haha! Okay, so moving on with the main subject.. Class is over so it’s time the new students introduce themselves and there are two Filipinas! I was so happy and excited! I quickly thought that those two could be my friends! I think the other was the same age as me and the other one seems 13-ish or 14-ish so I told my sensei I’ll introduce myself later or next week since I’m kinda shy but my sensei said c’mon I’ll come with you.. So my sensei told the girls my name’s Erika chan and I told them “Hajimemashite! Filipino kayo!” (Duh?! Obviously I was nervous that’s why I talked that way..) So the 13-ish/14-ish girl didn’t reply so I asked “Ano pangalan mo?” (What’s your name?) And she said “Watashi wa namae wa HER NAME” (I think it was Cyntia? Or Shinja? I forgot!) and my mind was like I talked to you in tagalog?! Why can’t you just reply in tagalog?! And then I told her “Magkasama kayo?” (*while pointing at the other Filipina* Yeah.. I mess up when I’m nervous.. I know there together but I still asked! What a dummy!) And the 13-ish/14-ish girl was like “Firipin jin” (*while pointing at her companion*) Then I smiled at the other Filipina girl.. She smiled back and that is all.. I left, It seems to me that they couldn’t understand me anyway even though I’m talking to them in a language that they could understand, I mean.. would it hurt to talk tagalog here in Japan? And I was so frustrated because when those girls were introducing themselves they can’t even talk japanese and now, that I’m talking to them in tagalog they are acting like japanese experts or something! I HATE people like that! I told my aunt about this and she said that.. may this be a lesson for me to never approach Filipino/nas first and let them be the first to approach.

I hope other Filipinos and Filipinas in Japan are not like those two that I have encountered. It’s frustrating!

Now I am proud to say that I am not pure Filipina.. ‘Coz those Filipina girls I’ve met looked really Filipino/na~ish. I HATE THEIR ATTITUDE!

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