"Kill the fly in the past and it will drastically change the future" ~ NH

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So you're sayin' I should kill my bf's x-gf? So me and my bf will be happy?! Hahaha.. kiddin'

We're not even together anymore.. I think?! Whatever?! It's complicated and shit! Nevermind.

Anyway, this is my first blog for the month of October.. and can you believe time flies by so quickly?! I didn't even get to do a lot of stuff.. except play Final Fantasy VI which I New Gamed again! 'Coz I looked for walkthroughs.. turns out I killed Shadow and he is one of my favorite players, so no choice but to repeat again! I also excercised.. and internet, internet.. hoping for HIM to online, but sadly ditched me all over again.. plus! LIED to me! What a terrible guy! I HATE YOU!!!

Good thing nigahiga's there and made videos that cheered me up! Hmmph!

By the way, I can finally deal with my stepdad and mom getting drunk! We went to eat Yakiniku then went karaoke. My stepdad and mom and my stepdad's friend are all drunk but I kinda enjoyed it. Maybe I was just so sensitive back then and I didn't realized how fun it is to talk with them.. I can joke around and they'll laugh! So that's cool. I even met my mom's mom and dad like. So I was happy. My grandmother like gave me wine chocolates which is super tasty, she says it's from Hokaido.

This is gonna be my last blog. I won't be blogging for a few weeks 'coz you know, I'm still banned. And I'm going home tomorrow and leaving my mom's place. So BYE~BYE for now!!!

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