1st for November.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow.. time really flies so quick.. and can you believe that it's almost December!!! Almost Christmas! Can't wait to get presents!!! And I know what I'm gonna get.. THE NEW ~ PSP GO y'all!!!
I wanted that for so long.. even it's not released yet and still on the news, I wanna have that thin, silky, techy thing that is the future of psp's!!! OKAY ~ Overreacting much.

Let's move on to what have kept me busy.. Okay, so I was unable to blog for a month? I think.. 'coz of this situation thing that made my life feels so fast ~ wanna know?! I'll tell you anyway!

Okay, so when I went back to Iwatsuki. My dad and stepmom decided to get divorce.. and guess where the responsibility for my brother went.. Oh yeah! TO ME!!! That good for nothing mother gave the three year old kid to my Dad to take care of. And since my Dad's workin' I'll be taking care of him! I didn't imagine myself living in Japan taking care of a baby you know?! Feels like I've become an instant mother!!! Which is not cool 'coz I pictured myself enjoyin' in Japan.. and not takin' care of a toddler. That's not right!!!

Hmph.. So what's the message of this blog?? I guess.. teenage girls shouldn't rush things 'coz you wouldn't like to take care of a baby / toddler / kid.
YOU WILL GO CRAZY I TELL YOU!!! hahaha.. connects right?! hahaha..

+ END +

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