Another Boring Weekend.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Well.. after having fun with ate Rolane last last saturday at OMIYA & COCOON (we ate at Omiya on this restaurant called sweets paradise & watched new moon and then go purikura).

I had another boring weekend. 'Coz nothin' really Fun happened except maybe wrestled with my 10 and 9 year old cousins to death, and played dragon ball burst limit (which my cousin Yousuke borrowed from his classmate) on ps3. And now I'm really depressed for I have to go on a major diet because I'm really really gettin' BIG! That's why from now on.. no more eating too much!!! But, this would be a difficulty for I cannot resist not eating Japanese foods and Japanese okashi. It's just so tasty.. compared to Philippine foods that I can resist not eating even for a day and only drinking water. Whew! this is gonna be a tough one. Well, shoganai for I really have to diet 'coz it's fall.. and in this season it's already very cold! You won't sweat at all! Especially on winter.. and winter's almost near.. speaking of near.. also Christmas! I wonder what I'll get for a Christmas gift??? Hmm..

Well, anyway.. Rina's makin' me pancakes with tiny bits of sausages on it. I didn't eat breakfast and lunch so might as well eat on snack time.. I'ma go eat now!!!

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