Love Or Friendship?!?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I had a chat with my friend Richard yesterday and I was really happy that I get to do so.. 'coz I missed talking to him. He's funny, real sweet and NICE?! (well.. everyone's nice) and so.. we talkin' until we ended up talking about us. (yeah.. about us US. Like relationship US!) Okay, so.. I must admit that he is not the kind of guy that a girl like me dreams about having a boyfriend. He may have a great body and all.. but he's just not my type? I wonder why I really liked him? Some say.. 'coz he's a smooth talker.. true! But, there's more to him that I really liked.

So when I get to the Phillipines. I really wanna see him. He makes me happy at some point. I even imagine either we have a relationship that is more than just friends. It will be GREAT 'coz I know he wouldn't cheat or hurt me like my past does. He's much more! He's understanding and smart. One of the qualities I like about a person

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