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Sunday, June 13, 2010

So, my cousin, Jerald.. went to our house and we had a little chat about family problems and we kinda got along 'coz we share the same problem.

Well.. he's dad is giving him a curfew.. about 9pm and if he's not home in time, he will be locked out of the house.. so, he's like, 'Why 9pm? I'm a guy.. and am almost 17.' So I kinda agreed to him since he's a guy and he's in Japan! So he deserves to go home at like 10-ish or 11-ish but no.. he's dad won't let him. LOL!
Kinda like I was feeling when I was at the Philippines.. but there is different like they won't even let me off the house.. and my curfew? 5pm! Like whaa.. I even get embarassed when going to birthdays 'coz they only give me 2 hours like.. they be sayin', what else would I be doing there? I'm just going to eat talk a bit then go home.. I mean, that's the rudest thing to do! Just eat on birthdays? What kind of guardians are you?! They're so fickle minded.. I really hated my relatives for that, I don't even consider that over protection 'coz duh? They're thinking my friends will let me drink a drug that'll pass me out! I mean, they're my friends! Classmates! Duh?!
Okay, so we're kinda going off the main topic so.. fast forward! Yep, so my dad called, and was checking up on us.. and then, he talked to my cousin.. and prolly talking about guy stuff if you know what I mean.. hmm.. and yeah, so my cousin gave me the phone, and I was like, 'Jerald, 'yung sigarilyo ko!' not realizing that the phone is not hanged.. and my cousin was like, 'Hala ka! Narinig! and then ran off! And I was like sweating.. panicking! Thinking of an excuse! Then tadaa.. my dad called again and said, 'Ano 'yung narinig ko na sigarilyo ko?', so I couldn't think of an excuse.. so I told the truth! I told him that I lend my cousin 500yen to buy me cigarettes but yeah.. he didn't buy me any, and I told my dad that the moment I knew my cousin was smoking.. I want to try it too so.. I told my cousin to buy me but he didn't.. so my dad's kinda mad.. but I told him the truth and said I was sorry.. so, after the talk, he mailed me and said, 'Pag edad mo na ng 20, tsaka natin pagusapan 'yan.' And yeah I apologized again.
But yeah.. I didn't told him about something tho.. okay, I'll tell you! I bought 2 packs of cigarettes when I got impatient of my cousin.. and up to know I'm on to my 2nd pack. Okay, so.. smoking is not something I'm proud of.. but I admit that I'm a bit stressed.. well, not just a bit! But, I'm really really stressed! 'Coz I dunno what to do here.. and my dad just had divorce and am being dragged down with him together with his problems so.. yeah.. smoking is like a stress reliever for me. So that's it! I think am going to smoke now since am feeling stressed again! Stupid Jerald!!! Errr..

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