March 22, 2010 | Passion Tokyo.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I always forget to blog about that glorious day.. 'coz maybe am still thinking of good words to say.. well anyway.. (Wow! You noticed how every 'end' word rhymes? And I didn't do it on purpose! LOL.)

Here are some pictures of my cool experience with God and my fellow Christian friends~

This is me and Anju.. on the train. On the way (Rhyme again) to the Tokyo International Forum

This is me and Arisa ♥

Well.. this is inside.. near the entrance.

OKay.. so the place is real packed.. tons of foreigners and duh?! Filipinos!!! Yeah.. they're all pretty nice ♥ And yeah.. when we was about to go inside I bought a shirt.

Yep! That's meee.. kinda edited the picture.. attached a LYFANG on it, 'coz you know that's kinda like a username/screenname.. whatever..

And yeah.. We had pictures of some of our new friends.. apparently they're already on my facebook! Ahaha..

Well.. how can I describe my experience? Well.. Tbh, I never did this before.. and it was actually kind of fun! You know? Praising God? Well.. am catholic so.. yeah.. we praise God like, super traditional I think but this.. this experience is really different from what I've known on how to praise God.. it's more of for teens like that but don't get me wrong! We have adults there too like, 50-ish I think and yeah.. the songs we're kinda like Switchfoot's but all about praising God.

And I never knew that praising God will be this fun! And I had a wonderful experience.. it taught me how to make God famous.. well not the advertising way.. you get the point! And it taught me to do something good to my life.. and it was really inspirational! To be really honest.. I had tough times like, I felt alone (sorta emo-ish, since my mom and dad are on abroad and am left there in the philippines) and yeah.. I had troubles with my relatives (I lie a lot so they wouldn't get mad at me.. but end up getting mad at me more when I get busted since I'm not a good liar), love problems which drove me psychotic because I was so possesive.. and the thing about me having this blaming problem like, I blame everything to everyone even though I knew I was wrong and felt like there is no hope for me to ever change and felt like God will never forgive me for this but, NO.. God will never expect you to be perfect or to follow every 10 commandments.. What he wants is for us to just love Him.. have faith in Him and to never forget Him. Well of course , you gotta do good deeds too! A lot ♥ and am working on mine.
And yeah.. having friends like Anju, Arissa, Ate Jessa and Harumi is the most life changing experience. They've taught me a lot of things and am proud they came into my life ♥ and now am happy! No worries.. and yeah.. I have a boyfriend! Wakakakakak!

It's like 5:12am in the morning and am still not sleeping..
How am I gonna get up laterzzz we're gon' go out like at 9am?!?! Ohboy!
( > , < )

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