This pretty much ruined my night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

~ Sometimes my jokes are half meant true ~

~ And am gon' tell it's a joke, 'coz I know you wouldn't understand ~
~ 'coz you're a grown-up ~
~ Please, have a bit of sense of humour ~

I do post nonsense on my facebook.. but it's MY WALL.. I didn't ask for you to comment or to like, you just did! And yeah, why the fuck did I even make a facebook if I don't wanna get noticed? Course I wanna get noticed! I'm an attention seeking bitch! So what?!

You can notice that I really hate getting, 'mapahiya'. That's just how I do..
I really really hate NAPAPAHIYA / embarassments.

Worst type of feelin' if you ask me.. worse than jealousy ~

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