Another nice morning!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you want to know the first thing that popped right out of my head when I woke up?

Frontierville, yes! Frontierville! (Nakakaadik kasi 'yung game na 'yun!) And the 2nd of course is her.. I mean, him!

So we never got to chat yesterday but it's okay, he texted me anyway.. awww ( * ^ v ^ * )
And am really happy 'coz he gives a lot of effort for this and yeah.. you can really tell he's serious to me. Not like what that douche said.

Tapos eto sabi niya sakin bago matulog kahapon, tapos 'di ko maforget.

d best part of bein inluv is not bein tgether everyday.Rather, bein asured dat even though ur miles away stil ur d rison y s/he looks for anadr day. I love you!

Quotes ata 'to pero okay lang! Atleast bagay.. pero meron pa isa 'yung pinakadaisuki ko, 'nung isang araw niya pa 'to sinabi e.

i know my love will never end and everyday, knowin that ur my girl. makes my day lovelier than rainbow.

Aww.. 'san niya kaya nakuha 'to? Ahaha.. basta 'yan favorite ko! Ahaha ~ ngayon lang naman ako nasasabihan ng ganyan e.. weee ~ tapos ang masaya, lahat ng ginagawa niya para pasayahin ako 'di ko na sinasabi kasi meron siyang kusaaaaa. ( ^ v ^ )v

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