What I did today ~

Thursday, July 01, 2010

☻ Woke up at 6:35am
☺ Woke up dad
☻ Got back to bed and woke up at 7-ish?
☺ Woke up dad, again!
☻ Ate breakfast
☺ Took a shower
☻ Got dressed
☺ Filled up extension form (for my visa)
☻ Went to immigration
☺ The extension form I just filled up was sooo last year! (LOL) They gave me a new one for me to fill up all over again
☻ It was they're lunchbreak! So.. we ate also
☺ I ate a waffle with ham and egg spread? egg cream? (???)
☻ Slept at the immigration.. while sitting
☺ Done, went back to Omiya..
☻ Found a show I like, It was size 23.. bummer!
☺ On the train and wtf? It's my aunt and my aunt na hilaw!
☻ I was like soo happy they bought me something.
☺ Went to Maruetsu
☻ Bought shoes and it's K-SWISS, dad doesn't like it but I don't care!
☺ Carried those fcukin' heavy shopped items..
☻ Went to aunt's house and rest
☺ 5 mins. rest is over dad ordered me to buy stuff for house.
☻ When I got back I went home, dad stayed a bit on my aunt's place.
☺ I hurried and went smoking.. in the bathroom! Took a shower too.
☻ Yehehes smooth ~ Now, did the dishes, cooked rice.
☺ Vacuumed living room, yey new curtains!
☻ Went hunger strike since am like sooo hungry! And dad was like 'we gonna go take a shower first!' I mean, gahd! So selfish!
☺ Ate ~ happy tummy!
☻ Did the dishes, again!
☺ And now I'm on facebook, tumblr aaand blogspot!

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