I wanna get a tattoo!

Monday, September 06, 2010

And I want these wings.. just this. V

(Sorry for the copyright but I saw this on Tumblr a while back and I've never been so inlove! LOL. With tats..)

Tbh, I was afraid of tattoos before 'coz they said you'll never be able to donate blood anymore which is a complete false! 'Coz you can donate but it'll take 12 months or less! And that it'll leave a nasty scar if you decided to erase your tattoo. Then again.. I was thinking of asking my dad about this but I know the answer.. hmm, 'cuz y'know.. I grew up in a conservative family (yeah right).. and none of my family had tattoos(that's 'cuz their *cough* pussies *cough*)! So obviously, they won't allow me to have one especially am a girl(dammit!).. and that's just bogus.. my family! LOLOLOL. (I get no individuality! They say that being like Lady Gaga is being a complete gaga and that am crazy or maybe i bumped my head into aa rock or somethin')

K, so.. I don't wanna start complaining because I'd rather put that onto my next rant.. hehehe.. anyways, it's now 9:00am and I just woke up.. I'm thinking on how to start my morning.. and what I did is I took a shit and I just reblogged some post on Tumblr.. and right when am done with these.. I'ma go make me some coffee. So it's been nice to share some interests again! Good Morning!

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