Stupid news and my boring day..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

So today, I did nothing.. again! 'Coz we all thought we're gonna have a blackout and then it didn't happen.. so I dunno, the news misinformed us (again!) that we're gonna have a blackout and then they're gonna have to cut our gas and water but none of it has actually happened and I dunno when.. and I don't wanna know! 'Coz I don't want to have 'em cut our electricity, water and gas! And yeah.. lately, the news became so irritating that I don't wanna watch it/listen to it anymore! and it's just so fucked up 'coz they kept telling us over and over that Saitama is like this and that but none of it has actually happened yet.. so what happens is that when they misinform us, the malls closes early.. and people are stuck at home doing nothing because we all have no work.. so, fuck the news maaan! and please news, just stfu! 'coz you're all just a bunch of misinforming morons who kept tellin us LIES! 犬
K, just so I could talk about how boring my day was! レミリア
What I did was, I tried to experiment with my face and since am sick of my stupid short hair I figured I should use my extensions and then post pictures of what I did 'coz am bored and I just wanna blog something 'coz I felt like I did nothing at all today.. and I don't want my day to be like.. wasted うさちゃん just like that! So! :-P here are some pictures! Ehehehe.. にっこり!!

< I decided to do a more edgy and feisty kinda look and to see if it'll suit me すまいる >

< And I think it did kinda suit me and the way I lined my eyes made my eyes a lot bigger! And I rove rove rooove it! はあと >

<'coz having big asian eyes are adowable にこ >

< And I even manage to make this gif キリっ 'coz am that much of a camwhore nico >

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