Downloading Sims 2! (。>0<。)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

'Coz Sims 3 is a bitch with all it's updates and expansions! I can't even play Ambitions and Late Night 'coz of all those goddamn patch updates! Well.. I guess it serves me right since I only downloaded it and didn't spend a single penny on even one CD but c'mon! I wasted time.. and time is money so it's the same! And I don't wanna buy no Sims 3 here in JP.. all the words would be in japanese and not in english.. ゆいっくま and I hate all those stupid patch updates! 'Coz it's like.. it's for American Regions only! Dammit! WHY?! I wanna move New York!!!

As much as I want to put an anti sign over it! I just caaan't!!! 汗 'Coz it's such a wonderful game!!! 困る The thing is if you don't have expansions.. it's just so fuckin' boring! So bye bye you awesome game you! はっ I'm gonna miss you so much.. maybe next time!!! うるうる

I guess I'll just buy this Sims 3 for PSP.. just so I could play it.. but it'll never be the same with PC.. PC is like the GOD of all consoles! I don't even know if that made sense but whatevah! I want Sims 3! I want to crey..... 汗汗

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