Omigaa I just had my kyuryo ~ にこ

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After like, 3 days late from getting my first salary from my new job.. I finalleh got it todayびっくりマーク! And yuh, even though my future bf didn't even notice me today 'coz he was playin' busy and all (geez). IT'S OWKAYびっくりマーク! 'Coz am richびっくりマーク!

So since it's my salary day.. I figured I'd go treat my family on to Jonathan's restaurant 'coz I'm like the nicest teen on the planetびっくりマーク! かお*m And yeah, I don't have a bf to spend my money on, ウエーン so I wasted money on my family instead (lol. just kidding テヘッ) and yeah.. I also treated my Tita Emma, 'coz she is the one responsible of me getting the job I have right now.. にゃは~ん so she deserves treatmentびっくりマーク! And yeah.. I'm planning on buying her something shiny aswell.. I hope she'll like itびっくりマーク! Aww.. I'll make a post about it once I bought itびっくりマーク!

And now, would I miss posting pictures?! Nu. ゲラゲラ

'Coz am so hella vain! lololol.

< Apologies for looking like shitびっくりマーク! shit We went there after my work and I don't have make up on. >

< See that?! My right eye's swollen 'coz I dunno whyびっくりマーク! But I still like this pic, so natural. >

< Geez.. I want everything from the menuびっくりマーク!びっくりマーク!びっくりマーク! >

< Me with the GREATEST PERSON ON EARTHびっくりマーク! Tita Emmaびっくりマーク! May she receive tons of luck like, forever! はぁと >

< Holy shitびっくりマーク!びっくりマーク!びっくりマーク! あちゃー・・・ More fooooodびっくりマーク!びっくりマーク!びっくりマーク! > >

And now this my friends, is what I call 'diet' lololol. No seriously, I'm gonna poo this all in the morning,, I don't wanna be fat again 顔 now that I've lost a total of 5 pounds in just about 2 weeksびっくりマーク! I NEED TO BE THINびっくりマーク!びっくりマーク!びっくりマーク! 'Coz summer is just around the corner.. I wanna buy all the cheapest clothes as possible lololol. ベーダっ!

My new ameba pigg pic..
< Omg! She's so me! きゃは Hihi.. べーだっ! >

So, do you have like an ameba account?! あは You can add me there and be friends with me on ameba piggびっくりマーク! I don't use ameba blog though.. Still ain't confident with my barabara japanese hahahaびっくりマーク!

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