Late mother's day celebration ~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey guys! 苦笑 Today me, my friend Sofia, her mom, my mom and my favorite aunt went on a date today for our mother's day celebration (yes, my treat! So now, am broke! 苦笑 ) at some restaurant near Kasukabe station! The food was delish GOOD and is expensive (dammit!) so it's supposed to be good! And yes, pictures you guys!!!

< My friend looking at the menu.. hmm.. I wonder what she'll order? >

< Decided! She ordered what I ordered! STEAK BABY!!! >

< My mom, aunt and Sofia's mom ~ WHAT IS TAKING THE FOOD SO LONG?!?! >

< OUR SOUP! OMG! きゃはっ♪ So yummy looking! >


< See this yummy looking steak?! にへ Now, I have to wait 3 DAYS! For me to shit that stuff away! にへ >

< Oh, YAY! ラブ DESERT!!! >

< It's choclate parfait! ラブ目 OMG! So yummy.. >

< Teehee.. my diet is now officially ruined. FML >

I didn't enjoy lunch that much 'coz my aunt keeps making fun of me. (yes, way to go aunt for ruining my confidence! むっ ) She may be my favorite aunt, but sometimes I couldn't take her insults anymore.. 泣 she would comment on the way I dress, the way I do my make-up, my hair.. and I think that's 'coz she wanted me to look simple buuut, that ain't me you see.. Why couldn't she understand that we all have different tastes? ううっ... She thinks that the things I like to do to myself (like, dying my hair blonde, wearing shorts, wearing skirts and wearing doll inspired make-up) doesn't suit me because, I'M FAT! AND THAT I SHOULD LOSE WEIGHT! And you know what I'm trying.. 泣 but that doesn't happen in just one click! And I hate it when she says it doesn't suit me.. because I know it does and it makes me happy wearing the things I LIKE, not the things people would like on me, 'coz I am not born to impress people.. I just do things I want and like to do.. I HATE IT WHEN SHE COMMENTS ON EVERYTHING I DO! I SHOULDN'T HAVE TREAT HER LUNCH!!! okoru HMFF! (but since am so nice I did anyways! ムムム Stupid meh!!!)

So yeah.. that's it! After eating.. my aunt and Sofia's mom went home and me, my mom and Sofia went to LaLa Garden afterwards to shop! And it was Sofia's birthday last week so It's my chance to buy her something too! I'll be posting our shopping trip tomorrow 'coz am really tired.. ううっ... and it's going to take you forever to read this 'coz this post will be super long! And I'll be posting about outfits tomorrow >w< so yuh.. おやすみ guys!!!

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