Spring Shopping ~ (Continuation)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is a continuation of my previous blog entry 'Spring Shopping ~' <- *le click*!

( Apologies for being such a lazy ass.. I'm just super busy and super sleepy that I am too tired to think and edit pictures! But today, I had a nice and long nap so, yeah ~ がんばりますよ! )

Okay, now for the stuffs I bought from ドン・キホテ and my thoughts/reviews about it!

First up, is this Hello Kitty body/face scrubber! I've seen this (not this actually, only similar to this type of scrubber) used by make-up gurus on youtube like, bebexo, bubzbeauty and beautyqq and figured that I must have this 'coz I don't have like a face scrubbing item so I bought it! And yes, I do not regret on buying this 'coz it is great! It's brizzles are soft so, it's gentle for the face, and after scrubbing your face with it, your face will feel super clean and it'll soften your face! (Atleast, that's what I think, I dunno 'bout the others but I think you guys must have this! It's not expensive anyways!)

Next up is this hemp air freshener and it can be used for cars or whatever.. I used it in my room and I got the scent from Ana Sui perfume? I think.. and it smells really nice, my room smells like lavender and I love it! I've been wanting this hemp air freshener for so long but I haven't seen this in any other shop but at
ドン・キホテ only! So yeah, I now finally have it and it scent lasts for so long so, it's a great deal.

And now THIS! I love this stuff.. it's an eyebrow concealer from Diamond Beauty which is also the makers of Diamond lash btw, my favorite lashes. Okay, so this stuff is awesome! You know I colored my hair blonde and since I also bleached my eyebrows, I had to buy this 'coz my eyebrows are growing and I needed something to cover the black hairs so yes, this is the product that I'm using right now, and I love it! It lasts for so long and it covers the black hairs quite nicely!

The reason why I bought Diamond Beauty eyebrow concealer! HAHA! I'm so easy when it comes to good advertisements!

Okay so this one's pretty random and not beauty or decoration related! This is a chocolate flavored liquor and Sofia says that this stuff is delish, so I had to get it 'coz I wanted to taste it.. turns out I didn't like it! I dunno, it's just too sweet for me. I should've bought sparkling wine or something else! But, it's okay.. now I know that I won't be buying this shit anymore! HEHE

Me outside the mall.. I didn't realize that I was this fair.. I usually would just take pictures in my room and yeah, lighting sucks in my room! This light is natural light and is from the actual sun! LOLOLOL

Wearing the boots I bought.

Cute huh? It's a takoyaki stall and it's been a while since I've eaten takoyaki, I MISSED TAKOYAKI SO MUCH!

lololol I ate it while it's super hot, so I burned my tastes buds. fuuuuu ~

My mom.. we were waiting for the taxi and yeah.. it took about just 5 minutes! いいね?

OKAY! So that's about it.. I guess I'll be posting another one tomorrow! And it's fashion related ~ so I'm quite excited.

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  1. wahahaha I love ドン・キホテ!! I can browse for hours...even get lost hehe

  2. HAHA omg I know, 'coz they have like everything! (O o O )

  3. Yupp I bought my first circle lense there - they got me to fill in a disclaimer form though lol

  4. Did you try the Kahlua with Cola? On it's own its pretty strong!

    Cute blog! New follower here x

  5. To: Chococcuro

    Really? I think they have nice lenses there, although I find the best one's expensive and can be bought at this site http://www.honeycolor.com/ half the price! (T^T )

  6. To: Amelda

    Oh cool! Thanks for suggesting! I'll definitely try it the next time ~ ehehehe.. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING! ♥♥♥

  7. Mmm.. たこやき!!あなたはかわいい!ww




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