I'm still alive! WOO ~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rumors from yesterday says that, today, May 21st, 6pm in the afternoon.. the 'WORLD' will end. LOLOLOL OWKAY! Well, I'm still alive! The world is still okay! So I'm guessing that rumor is 'crap'. I found out about it on facebook, and everything they say there is crap anyway, I've never read something from tumblr about the world ending so yuh! Don't believe anything from fb, 'coz most of the things they say there is uhh.. shit. TUMBLR on the other hand, contains REAL SHIT lololol.

Okay okay, so if you wanna laugh, you can always read this link -> LOLOLOL

See how fun it is to prove someone wrong?! Ehehehe..

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