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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Holy cheeseballs! I finally get to blog! にこ It's been awhile and I've been wanting to blog but, I just couldn't think of anything to blog because all I do is work and throughout all of my yasumi I just played Sims 2 all day! namida Now, would you want me to blog about that?! I think not! えぇ!! So instead, I'll be talking about the new Anime/Manga I'm loving.. 君に届けハート (Kimi ni Todoke) or in English, 'Reaching you'. Wow! ウサギ Even the title is kinda romantic! Hihi! ウインク Okay, so I don't want to give you spoilers about the anime series 'coz I want you to be surprised of how good it is! I'll only say that this anime is a highschool/love story/comedy and it's really good.. ウサギ
For me, it kinda tells you that you don't have to be pretty or super dolly cute just to be liked by someone.. ≡ω≡ being yourself is enough to be perfect for someone. にっこり And in love, it's not always about the looks but the heart aaand personality! はーと

Holy cheeseballs I'm so mushy and cheesy! Look what I have become while watching this?!?! かお LOOK! I'm becoming a romaticist! 汗

Okay okay, so I want to share to you where I watch anime/mangas~
はーとAnime Seasonはーと HERE YOU GO! にこにこ

I hope you did not get bored reading.. Until next time! Hihi! No money, no show and tell ehehe! That's why I can't blog about stuff. えーっ Oh and btw, I got the gifs from THIS SITE. Such a cute blog btw! Anyway, ぢゃね~ わ~

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  1. I was quite hesitant at watching this first since I'm more of an action fantasy person but it stuck to me and I just couldn't stop watching it :) it has such a nice storyline and the characters are new and fresh. :) It's summer for me so all I do is play sims 2 all day too xD go figure~

  2. Oh my god are we like twins or something?! Haha! We do the same things! (Well, I guess not everything ehehe) Cool anime right?!?! Hihi.. thanks for reading!!!

  3. I didn't watch the anime series of this but I was able to watch Kimi ni todoke live action!! My gosh, I so love the story though it's kinda bitin. Argh >_< XD

  4. yaay..high five! :D same here! ^^ i love this anime *.* firstly i started to read manga and then anime came out..i was soo happy >< love cute and romantic ... <3



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