First Blog Award EVER! 2011

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

1. Make a post containing:

Say thank you to someone who gave you this award
Write about someone who gave you this award
Write about yourself
There's a banner award and code
Give this award to your 9 blogger friends (blogends)
Don't forget to leave a message in their chatbox

2. Use the banner award on your blog sidebar, without changing the banner's code.

Thank you, ありがとう谢谢kira Nice :)
Now, aren't you the nicest person ever?!?! kira THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS AWARD! kira It's actually my first time receiving one, so you can tell how excited I am! kira Hihi!

To the person who gave me this award, Nice :) kira
I found her blog through my old friend, Louise's blog and I really like her blog! So cute and organized! And I find her really good at making banners in Photoshop! I am actually jealous 'coz I can't do it like her! Oh well..

About me? Hmm.. Didn't I type it in my kira 'About me' kira page already? Oh well, I'm Erika, but everybody here calls me TOFFINSHANkira 'coz I prefer to be called that way.. I'm 18 and I'm turnin' 19 this September. My bloodtype is A and yes I'm single.. you can give me handsome guys if you want, if you are generous! kira HEHE! (kidding only) I rove gloomy bear, totoro and apples!

Okay, so I've decided to give this award to people who have not yet receive this award. No matter how much I love your blog.. if you already have this, I'm sorry but I can't give this to you anymore! kira Instead, I'll give this to blogs I love but at the same time, have not yet receive this.. kira so here you go guys! ニコ?!

kira Frances kira
kira LemonberryLulu kira
kira LaPetiteIchigo kira
kira Yaptus kira
kira Elenaeris kira
kira Patrick kira
kira Jelly kira
kira Magu chan kira
kira Princess Mayumi kira


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  1. Congratulations to you and all the winners ^^

  2. awwww congratulations!~ ^^ your blog is adorable (:

  3. OMO~~ THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! i really didn't expect that i can get really made me happy, thank you soo much :))

  4. Thanks you guys! And you're welcome LaPetiteIchigo!!!

  5. Thank you :) I don't know why I haven't commented on this but your too kind!



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