Skin care products haul~うさちゃん

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow a haul! Nahh.. this haul ain't that much.. I just bought products that I actually need for my ugly and acnefied face! And yeah.. also, for my disgusting, scaley skin! 困 (Ouch! I insult myself too much!)

So these are the stuffs I bought:

< I told you.. it ain't that much. >

So, I bought Bioré moisture lotion (for the face doi?!), Bioré facial foam, Bioré Body Deli aaand a Nail Treatment cream for my poor fingers/nails! Oh and yeah.. did you notice?! I bought everything in Bioré (except for nail treatment cream)! Even my body soap's Bioré! Hihi.. well, that's 'coz Bioré products suits me the best! Heehee! えへへへ

Okay, so I bought this moisture lotion for my face because I'm beginning to see dry skin around my lip area and that is not good.. ちょうやばいよ!!!え So, I bought this instead of moisturizing face cream 'coz cream products usually consists oil and I'm afraid oil based products breaks me out so yeah.. NO TO FACE CREAM! Plus, this could also be my alternate for toners.. I also don't use toners for my face 'coz it's way too harsh for me and it breaks me out too! Huhu.. いやされる~

So this product right here is WHAT I ALWAYS USE FOR MY FACE! ^3^ (Well, I also use the peach one) It's not specifically for acne prone face but it's just a normal facial foam but I dunno, based on my experience on this product.. it actually improved my face and yeah.. it also removes my make up! (Except mascara! Sorry..) えー

And then I also bought this product 'coz I wanted to test this body cream first before buying the famous shiseido body cream I've been hearing good reviews about! I dunno it's difference between a lotion.. I guess the packaging? Urghh whatever.. 満足

Hmm.. it's quite creamy.. and it smells more like peach rather than blueberries.. I don't even know if blueberries have smell! Hahaha! But the real question is, will this be good for my skin?!?! (´・ω・`) We'll find out next time~ I'll rant about this if I don't like it. ニコニコ

And last is this Nail Treatment cream! And you don't know how happy I am to see this product 'coz I've been having problems with my fingers.. yabai it's like they're dying! No kidding.. I guess, I'm allergic to the soap in my work place that's why my nails now look like this!!! (泣) Prepare yourselves! 'Coz this is just YUCK! ガーん

< See? Maaan.. I'm so embarassed! yabai My right hand's the worst but I don't wanna post it no moes! Too much embarassment! 涙 >

Oh wow! It's pink! にこちゃん Well.. I hope this product works! My fingers' health and beauty lies upon this product! PLEASE WORK! HUH?!?! ・・・!!!

My blog is under fixation! (lololol. Under construstion is so mainstream!) It's still ugly so I'm sorry.. Thanks for reading!!! ハート

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  1. awwwwww! you do insult yourself too much! ): haha~ It's okay! I have acne all over my cheeks and it looks like a minefield on my face x__x hahaha~ My fingers used to do that too~ but then I started using hand lotion and it got better! (: I hope that the finger cream helps your fingers! (:

  2. i hope your nails get better!! im looking into new face wash too, i may have to try yours!

  3. To: RiA

    Aww thanks.. I hope it does! I've been using it for only two days.. still no improvement buuut it's not as painful as before. Yeah.. you should try it! It's really gentle on the face~ Hihi!

    To: Mimi

    HAHAHA! Yeaaahhh.....
    Me too~~~ That's why I depend so much on make up since it covers it huhu!
    Thanks Mimi.. I hope it does too! I've used Atrix hand cream but still.. it didn't work (-_-;) So I hope this time it'll work out with this hand cream.

  4. The See You graphic is so cute!

    And you got a really fabulous haul! I used Biore when I was younger but I do not see it on the shelves much here in Sydney so haven't had a chance to try their products recently. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. Thank you for this truly wonderful give-away! This range looks wonderful.I love it, it's pretty original



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