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Saturday, June 25, 2011

グスッ Iyaaa~ I'm super tired but, I can't sleep! I didn't even eat anything though I'm hungry because of the pain my body is feeling! 大泣き Although, I had so much fun thanks to my friends who lives in the city! Yeee.. that's right! I went to Tokyo! And I just got home so I'm so excited to blog again 'coz I have so many things to type!!! ww but, right now.. I'm just gonna do a drugstore haul and a mini review about the things I bought~ えへへ So yeah~ let's cut to the chase and get started..

Aight~ so here are the things I bought! タダイマ恋シテマス♪ But, I'm only gonna do reviews on face products 'coz I don't have any personal opinions on tights and a hair ribbon thingy~ むぅ Although, those tights can actually slim your legs! Well.. Ranzuki says so.. or atleast advertised it! kao

First up is this product right here~ and yes! I did dye my hair brunette again and chose this color and am happy with it once again.. but I do have many things to say about this product so I guess I'll do it in another post~ but isn't Tsubasa so pretty here?!?! LAVE 'Course she is!!! にっこりスマイル^^


First up is this Kate make up base BB (lololol. I thought I took a picture of it but I didn't so I just edited it instead.. too lazy to take another picture! ルフィ 沈んでますw Urghh..) Omg you guys.. all I can say is that I love this base so much! It gives you this soft smooth finish and the best part is that is BB! Yay! いやーーん

Next up is this Canmake gel eyeliner にっ I bought it in brown for everyday use! And yup it's pretty nice and you can also use this for your eyebrows.. it's just that I think so! Hihi クッキーモンスター Pretty handy too and it comes with a brush! Nice ne~?!?! てへっ

Now onto this Canmake powder eyebrow ふふっ Hmm.. about this product.. I mean, I am kinda dissapointed 'coz it gots golden shimmers in it but I do think that when you apply it onto your brows, the shimmers aren't visible at all but still, I don't like the golden shimmers.. I can't believe I didn't check it!

Waaah! Omg this lipgloss! キャッ It's again from Canmake in nudy glow and yeeesss! I love this product a lot! It gots a really pretty color and yeeesss I just love it! And it's cheap! ニコリ(うさぎ) I'll be wearing this lip gloss when I get to camwhore so you could see how pretty it is! So yeah.. choto matte ne! かお

Oh and jyeaah! I finally got the K-Palette 1 day tattoo eyeliner I've been reading/hearing good reviews about! キャッ☆ At first I didn't like it 'coz its price is so unreasonable for a drugstore eyeliner! ムムム But, when I got to try it~ Omg! きゃー It's definitely worth the price! GOOD It LASTS real long~ it's not that hard to remove despite that it is really long lasting~ it doesn't smudge that much which is cool! (*´・ω・`) Aaand dayum~ this product is just totally awesome! (´∀`o) I love it!!! Although it's quite expensive but it's worth the buy! (´-ω-`)

I also got the Canmake Cover & Stretch concealer UV and it's my favorite concealer to date~ the only thing I don't like about this concealer is that it runs out real fast but then again I LOVE IT wハート☆ 'coz for a cheap prize~ it can actually cover up my dark circles and pimples! I chose the nikibi concealer which is for the pimples~ they also have kuma concealer for dark circles and the other, I think is for freckles or? I don't know but I chose the nikibi one 'coz that's what I really wanna cover~ but then again, it covers my dark circles pretty well too! so I didn't have to buy the one for kuma eyes! (´∀`)つ■

And now for this Rosa powder brush おんぷ I guess all I could say that it is soft and quite nice but I'm not happy with its size but I guess I could also use this for contour.. though I don't do contouring! ショック There's nothing special about this brush~ but I just bought it to replace my brush that is pretty fucked up right now! おこる Shedding brush hair all over my face! Dammit! ウキャー!

And now for the finale! キラキラ3 My favorite out of all the things I bought is this brush! (What is this brush called? Can someone please tell me?!?!) ラブゥ It's quite similar to the shiseido brush I've been hearing good reviews about but the problem is with shiseido is not only that it's small but it's pretty expensive.. but this right here.. is affordable, at the same time.. bigger than the shiseido brush! And it's quite smooth! I've been using it to apply my BB cream and concealer! And I don't use anything but this!!! Yay! I don't need a stipling brush but this product only!!! Quite handy too so this one's pretty awesome! お~

So yeah~ that's about everythin' I bought under make up products~ I didn't have to do a review on Slimwalk 'coz y'all know what it does.. it already says so in the name! Desho?!?! うまー!

And yeah.. do I have to do a review on this thing right here?!?!
If you answer yes, then you are as stupid as a dodo bird! 苦笑 But anyway, I didn't post this for that.. I posted this 'coz I thought the shot was pretty nice! And I shot it myself! (I sound like a proud murderer lololol.) ぶー

So yeah you guys~ that's about it! Stay tune for more 'coz I gots more to post~ キャ

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  1. I like that color of the palty hair color!~ (:
    I want to dye my hair that color someday *__*
    But my mom doesn't let me dye my hair... she tells me to focus on school! But it's not like my hair dye will cause me to suddenly hate school or something.. hahaha~

  2. waheheh ^_^ yung wallet ko kakulay nung ribbon :D

  3. i have the same brush you got! The smaller one its so good i use it to apply my bb cream as well ^^

  4. To: Mimi

    I had the same problem with my folks when I was in highschool! Be patient ~ 'coz your time will come! Hahaha.. and yeah.. why don't you just color your hair.. I mean, when it's there, there's nothing they can do about it! Hahaha!!!

    To: Mayumi

    Oh cool! Gusto ko makita wallet mo hahaha

    To: vrooooom

    I'm having second thoughts on buying the shiseido 131 brush that is the same as my brush but is small because it's so expensive! And yeah.. I have a huge face so small brush is eehhhh hahahahahahaha!



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