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Saturday, July 02, 2011

I am supposed to blog about this on June 25 but since I got so busy and all like, I feel like I'm no 18 year old anymore due to my schedule and busy-ness こども (lololol) So yeah, sorry for being such a lazy blogger うぅ (Oh wait, why do I have to apologize?! HAH! ぺろ)

So yup, my day at Harajuku / Shibuya ハート how can I describe it?? かお Tiring!? -へー I guess.. but, satisfying! ; 'Coz everything you see is just awesome! I've never seen Harajuku and Shibuya at night until that day.. but, to be honest, I prefer seeing it by day 'coz I'd love to see cute lolitas and decora girls walking around the streets! にこにこ They're all so cute I wanna take pictures with them and I don't care if they won't let me! I'll take pictures of them secretly because I am that addicted to them! 苦笑 They make my eyes go all キラ kirakira キラ when I see 'em! They're so cute!!! HAPPY

Okay.. so yup! How could I forget pictures you guys?! 顔 Here you go! Feel free to view all my photography or should I call it trashography ううっ... (doesn't even make sense! ぼー So corny..)

See that score above?! Yeah.. I'm last.. 怒 boohoo!

Pictures above aren't edited 'coz I see no point of editing them 'coz they're blue! かお(lololol)

And you thought this post was over! え゛! NOPE! きゃー It's not! I gots more to type.. okay so, I just wanna say that I really had fun and I am amused of the surroundings 'coz it's blue! And it makes white shirts go all blue! どらえもん I am very fascinated by that! Kinda like am in the club and yeah ~ for my friends! らぶ② Thanks for showing me around! I realized that I shouldn't push myself too hard onto working and that I should treasure my youth 苦笑 'coz I only get to be young for a short time! So thanks guys! ホントに楽しかったよ! ハート②

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