Short Update: My Ears!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whoah?! And I said I was on a diet but look!!! 3 Haha.. Well, I think it's ok to eat this heavy once in a while.. 1 I mean, I shouldn't torture and push myself to hard 'coz life is too short! What if I were to be gone tomorrow and I didn't eat this meat?!?! I will forever regret it! うーん (lololol.) Okay, so that's a random pic of the day.. I was at my mom's place yesterday and this is what she prepared for me! My mom loves me so much! Hihi! きらハート

Okay, so yeah about my ears.. here are PICTURES of it! (lololol. I even take pictures of my ear 'coz that's how I am addicted to myself! Hahaha!!!) (笑)

Right ear ♡

♡ Left ear

I did the other four holes on my ears myself and yes.. てへ★ at first you'll feel like it doesn't hurt that much but the healing process is way painful than when you pinch a hole on it! Although I do think I have a fetish for pain! (Omg so emo) So I did this to myself! Do you think am cool?!?! にっ No? Yeah.. I thought so.. キリッ

So yeah.. question!
Do you like having many piercings aswell? キティちゃん

Holy peas!!! am almost late for work!!

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  1. i love your ear piercings theyre soooo cool!! i have 6 piercings only but im planning to have more (ゝ∀・)

  2. Hello~

    I love your blog; it's very cute~!! ^-^;;

    Could you perhaps follow mine? I think you will like it. (:

    Thanksyouu~~ ^w^;;

    ~~Rosie ♥

  3. To: vrooooom

    Why thank you! YOU MADE MY DAY BY PRACTICALLY SAYING THAT AM COOL! AM VERY FLATTERED HAHAHA!!! Me too.. except on ze face ~ tsktsk

    To: Rosie

    Oh hey! Thank you so much! Ok sure.. I'll go check it out!

  4. Thank you ^_^
    I brifely noted my 19 followers, and then when I refreshed the page I suddenly had 20 o.O

    Thank you heaps xx
    I really appreciate it; I hope you like my blog. ^w^;;

  5. they look really good, but i'm way too chicken to get that many piercings haha

  6. Oh you can do it! It's not that painful.. for me atleast! Uhh.. but you can do it!

  7. Grabe tapang mo! o_O Gusto ko ring magpabutas sa tenga para malagyan ng hikaw kaya lang natatakot ako hinimatay pa ako minsan bago pa malapit sa tenga ko yung pang butas huhu

  8. para hindi gaano masakit kuha ka ng ice cube tas pahid mo muna sa tenga mo para mamanhid (^v^ ) tas pagawa mo sa iba ehehe! nasanay nalang ako kaya kaya ko na magisa (^o- )v



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