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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been like ages since I've blogged and I missed it so much! I miss you guys and I miss showing you guys stuff that you appreciate! Hihi.. I've actually been busy (..and when I say busy, I meant busy laying around the house and watching anime all day, I'm actually watching Toradora by the way just to let y'know.) with work and this week was pretty tough 'coz I have work for 7 days straight.. with no breaks not until 28 so yeah.. pretty tiring!

Okay, so.. this blog is to show you guys some stuff I bought from Amazon! I decided to buy some stuff there 'coz sometimes you'd get stuff that are cheaper than the ones in stores. (Cheap 'ol me!)

Okay so, here are the things I got!

1. Swatch watch (present for my mom! Her birthday is on the 30th)
2. Bel Air watch (present for my grandma which I don't remember what day it was)
3. Divabbracci bag that I just bought 'coz I thought it was cute.. for me though.
4. A wig.. which I used for our family picture lololol. (And 'coz it was really cheap)
5. A Kitson bag! That is not sparkly and looks like a grocery bag!

And here's how they look in real life! In order now..

( Yes you guys, this is the wig! Aren't I pretty?! LOLOLOL. )

So yeah that's about it and it came with these boxes and two little packages.

( Oh and yeah I also bought a new keyboard 'coz I spilled coffee all over my old one but I don't need to post a pic of it don't I?!)

It was actually delivered seperately and it took about a week for everything to arrive but other than that.. really fast aaand excelent delivery! All items are in good condition! I'm really happy!

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  1. If you like cheaper prices why dont you try Ebay? I think the prices are much cheaper on ebay than amazon (:

  2. cute stuff! Yea I use ebay over amazon since I always pay with paypal. But all the stuff I've bought recently are pretty random like:
    body scrubber???
    head wrap towel
    itouch protection covers...
    strawberry umbrella
    wig shampoo+spray

  3. wow stuff is so cute/pretty!! the amazon here in the US has like no asian stuff ):

  4. To: Sweets
    Hi! I also wanted to try out eBay but I don't have paypal or a credit card! My mom won't let me use hers 'coz she's really stingy! (>-< )

    To: LemonberryLulu
    Why thanks! I know the feeling! When you get lazy to go to stores that's why you wanted it delivered instead! I feel you.. ♥

    To: Mimi
    I think you can get stuff from and get it delivered to US 'coz I think they ship international (^v^ )



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