Parfait Paradise!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

ヤバイな!!! I've noticed that I've been eating a lot lately and been forgetting about my diet! Good thing my weight hasn't been increasing yet! But, I feel like I've been so cocky losing 5 kilos that I've been eating tons again! AHHH!!! ムカつくな!!! I am such a pig! And today after work, we went to eat parfaits!!! PARFAITS EVERYONE! And not just parfaits in small cups people! JUST LOOK!!!

This is what Yokokawa san ordered

And what Kuwa chan ordered.. omg! Choco banana parfait! *drool*

And yes, the finale! What I ordered!

Fuwaaa! So big!


With this kinda food I eat, do you think there's a chance that I'll ever be thin?! Hmm.. I don't think so too!

I can't believe that making a blog about this will actually make me want to go eat one now! But a while ago, I was feeling kinda nauseous after eating it all up! ( <-- omg what a pig! )


Shy girl on my right is Kuwa chan! We may only knew each other for about 3 months but for me, I consider her already as my best friend! I mean, at work we're always together, we eat together and we even go home together! And sometimes after work we both go to Karaoke even though it's only just the two of us! Hahaha!

Omg my face! (>_< ) I actually think that Kuwa chan looks pretty on this picture so I uploaded it despite that my face looks so ugleh!

Now, she is Yokokawa san! She is like our mother or big sis 'coz she's pretty mature but kinda young at heart 'coz despite our age gaps she would rather hang with us than the others! Haha!

Random pic:

This scary statue kept staring at me while eating parfait! It's like it's telling me to stop eating!!! So creepy~

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  1. the ice cream look so yummy!
    you look like you had fun :)

  2. The parfaits are so yummy! Makes me wanna travel there just to eat a parfait or two there. :PP

  3. yum :) when you think of parfaits nowadays people usually think of healthy yogurt + granola and fruit, guess not in this case~

  4. wow the parfaits looks so yummy!!

  5. that desserts looks so freaky yummy, omg i want to eat it right now :D

  6. They look yummy :D
    oh and how do you get the arrow on your blog? Thankyou~

  7. Hello ~ I changed my blog address from to ~ ♥



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