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Friday, August 05, 2011

Sup guys?! So yeah.. yesterday me, Sofia and her little sister went to Shintoshin to see Transformers Dark of the Moon! にっこり And yeah.. great movie btw! I love the new girl's accent but the only thing I noticed about her throughout the whole movie is that why is she not getting dirty?! (And fyi, she's wearing a white jacket while America is falling apart.) 嬉泣き But, seriously guys! It really looked unrealistic 'coz Shia looks like shit but she, oh man! Her make-up is still perfect! てへっ

< Me & Yuki >

Oh okay so yeah.. after watching Transformers, we went to the restroom and omg since there's no security all over the place, we decided to enter another cinema where it's showing Harry Potter Deathly Hollows 鼻高々wwww (Omg we're so badass! ふっ ) But yeah, we're so lucky nobody gets to see us! 'Coz what we did is illegal and bad in Japan! We we're so lucky we got away with it and we finished the movie! かお (Half of it though.) But hey, 2 movies for 1 movie ticket! Good deal! Hahahahaha!!! アへへ

Then, after watching we went to a mini game center to get purikura shots! にこ

After that, we just went to get dinner then went home! It was actually the same day as EXILE's concert! やったー And they're selling tickets near Shintoshin Station and we wanna go but since we got a kid along we can't! 困り Tough but there's still next time! Hihi! ウィンク

< Saitama Stadium! Where EXILE's gonna do their concert! Too bad we can't come かっ >

Okay so that's all! I had fun! And yup, thanks for reading ~ まったね~♡

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  1. sounds like a fun day! :)
    and i just wanted to say that i love your batman shirt!:D

  2. waah you live in saitama? my aunty settled in saitama too ^^ btw thanks for visiting my blog =D

  3. harry potter :D I still have to go watch it and I'm in love with purikura but the last time I took it was with like 6 other people xD it was kind of crowded and our first round was kind of a fail

  4. To: Grace

    Yeah! Quite fun hihi! Well I just wanna say that I love your face so much! Can we switch faces? Hahaha.. jk.

    To: Lina Kim ♥
    Yes we live in Saitama, Iwatsuki! What about your aunt??

    To: LemonberryLulu
    Yeah you should! You might be surprised of how Voldy died! (LOLOLOL)
    Oh yeah.. sometimes it takes pictures without you being prepared! But I too love purikuras so much! They make my eyes bigger!

  5. cuutee purikura! I'm so addicted with harry potter, lol 8'D
    btw you look so cutee~



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