OOTD: Batgirl

Friday, August 05, 2011

OOTD?! Outfit of the day?! When it was the outfit I wore yesterday!? lololol. Go easy on me on this one guys! It's my first OOTD! 笑い

Eye Make-up:
Apologies for crappy image quality! But here's what I did..
にコリン 猫野みみだよん Shimmery turquoise eyeshadow on my lids (V area) then just blended it.
にコリン 猫野みみだよん Shimmery orange eyeshadow half way on my lower lids.
にコリン 猫野みみだよん Shimmery yellow eyeshadow on the inner corners and connected it with the orange color.


Overall/Full Outfit:

にコリン 猫野みみだよん Long one piece
にコリン 猫野みみだよん Cropped Batgirl shirt

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  1. your blog is lovely! i like to boots ^^

    ♥ miss marshmello

    * please visit and follow my blog ^^

  2. lovely~ I should do outfit of the days but I rarely leave my house these days....



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