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Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is going to be a more personal post. It's just that I feel like I need to let this out and I've no one to talk to, my friends don't know anything about it and I haven't gone online on facebook for a while.. this post is going to be about my aunt.

I really can't describe how much I feel for her right now and her friends. I'm really really irritated and just pissed off at 'em but I don't hate 'em it's just that they're all just too much and I just can't stand and bear all the things they say to me.

Okay so, last tuesday I went home tired from work because I did overtime and then, all of a sudden.. my dad came up to me and lectured me.. he asked me 'What am I doing following someone?' (he is referring to my friend.. my aunt and her friends claim that I copy everything she does and so on..) and I'm kind of shocked because I really dunno what he's talking about but he said that my 'friend' had a mac computer so I wanted one too for my birthday, my 'friend' cut her hair short so I did cut mine too (but mine's not that short..) and now, my 'friend' moved out of the house and now I wanted to move out too! Like, I never said anything like that and why tell this right now? I remember telling Megumi I wanted to move out but NOT NOW that I'm still 18. I plan to move out when I'm stable and I'm above 20 years of age. And Megumi doesn't even know my family how can she tell my aunt and my dad. I asked my dad where did he hear it from and he said my aunt told him. I was angry at my aunt for telling him something I DID NOT TELL HER OR ANYONE OF HER FRIENDS. I am mad because she's telling him lies and made up stories that she can't support and the only evidence she has is that she heard it from someone but I did not tell anyone about it but Megumi and she doesn't know my family. So, now I'm mad at her and her friends and cancelled the treat I was planning for 'em for my birthday. The thing that hurt me the most is that they're claiming that I keep copying my friend. It's like, she is automatically thinking that I would want to move out too now that she moved out! That's why she said those things to my dad. What a b#$%&!

Just because she has mac computer, blonde hair, cuts her hair short and just 'coz she moved out that doesn't mean SHE ONLY HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE/DO ALL THOSE THINGS. Just 'coz she's the first person to do things/have things I like/I want doesn't mean I'm already copying her.

We both have different styles I can tell and it sucks because since we kinda looked a like people always compare us. At first I was really glad to be compared to her because she's really cool but everytime that I'd meet up with my aunt and her friends, they keep commenting on how I am so similar to her and so on.. I get really pissed because I am not doing anything to copy her at all.. like seriously I am just being myself and it's like all they see is her in me. Which is depressing and sad. She wears make up and I wear make up, they'd tell me I'm copying her and that I shouldn't wear make up and stop because I'm starting to look like her. (-_-:) So sad to have people like this exist on earth. DON'T I HAVE THE RIGHT TO WEAR MAKE UP JUST 'COZ SHE WEARS MAKE UP?!?! Like whaa?!

So now, my aunt's friend is inviting me to go to her daughter's birthday. I honestly don't wanna go because I want to avoid all the commenting and my aunt's gonna be there and I want to AVOID HER. But because I'm not rude, I'm going to attend anyway. I'll probably just eat and when I'm full I'll leave.

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  1. You shouldn't worry about what other people say, they can't live your life for you. Do what makes you happy and if they truly care about you, they will support you and if not...well just be civil but take a step back away from them

  2. Something like this once happened to me too. In fact my whole SCHOOL(well grade..) assumed that I was copying everything a friend of mine did. It pissed me off. Just because I was new at the school, also kinda looked like each other and was quiet, people thought I was her "clone" it wasn't even about wanting to do or having what she did. It was about me BEING a second copy of her. And it hurt. Because people never took the chance to get to know me on a personal level, they always just thought that way... BUT slowly as they did, they realized that I wasn't like her at all, sure we have a lot of similarities, but our personalities were very different. Woooo, that was a long reply! But yeah, I am 18 as well and I just want to reassure you that it will be fine! And if this post was to vent off, good for you! (ps. The girl is no longer a friend, she backstabbed me saying I WAS her clone... but people saw through her, became friends with me.. and now hate her... LOL)

    From tht-christina.blogspot.com ^^

  3. Hi Faye ~ unfortunately, they don't support anything that I want. Except my mom but sometimes my aunt gets in the way and since my mom always listens to my aunt.. I end up with my aunt's decision for me.. sucks right? Maybe your right.. that I should just step back and avoid 'em for a while.. (^v^ )

  4. Christina!!! Omg.. someone who felt the same way as me (T^T ) I am not alone. Thank you for commenting.. oh no! It's cool.. I like reading comments! I know, unfortunately, my aunt and her friends THINK they know me.. but they really don't.. they THINK they see right through me but no, they don't. They don't even know I'm a big time blogger and have lots of friends here lololol (just kidding) BUT ANYWAY, yeah.. your 'ex friend' was really mean.. I'm glad my friend doesn't think that way.. in fact I told her about this and she got mad. 'Coz she knows I'm not copying her.. and I just can't copy her and stoop on her level 'coz she's got guts and confidence while me? Aww nuuu.. I have no guts no confidence and just.. urghh.. a loser. lololol.



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