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Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh hey! So I just turned 19 last September 22! Nice ne? にこにこ Only 1 more year to be officially 'legit' then I can do anything I want without worrying about the damn police! やったね Hihi..

So I celebrated my birthday on an Izakaya. I rented the place and invited everyone from work and I'm so so sooo happy everyone I invited came! I feel so loved どや and they bought me really nice presents! I was really surprised to receive a Cecil McBee bag from my bff Megumi! Omg she loves me so much! Oh and yeah.. even Machan came! うにゃっ And I thought he wasn't coming.. and Otsuka kun too! He kept telling me he won't come but he did come! And sat by my side the whole time! I really liked him that night he looked so handsome and he's got a great voice so I really liked him that night! Only that night ne? へっちゃら My heart only belongs to Machan! lololol. So yeah, I got drunk, everyone was happy, we sang, we ate, everyone had fun! るん So the party was a success and up until now, it's still the 'talk' of our company. I'm such a great party thrower! やはー^^ lololol. Oh no you guys! アハハー I didn't forget about the pictures! Here you go!!!

はーと We はーと

はーと Me, Mami Ai and Otsuka kun はーと

はーと Me, Megumi and Yokokawa san はーと

はーと Oh hey! That's my Hello Kitty cake Megumi bought me! えもじ はーと

はーと Me and Otsuka busu! はーと

lasty..... 'Me and Machan'

Best picture ever! スマイル Omg! So happy that I wish that night never ended..... 照れる

Oh! So I camwhored the other day, うちゃぎ so is this look a yay or nay? ミニ~ちゃん❤

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  1. Happy belated birthday! You're super adorable, I've just followed your blog recently and really like it so far. Please keep on posting :)

  2. Thank you Anna! どうもありがとうございます!!!♥♥♥



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